Narnian Dreams-A Love Story

So, I was bored, saw something vaguely related to Narnia, and decided to write a love story about it :D Yay? Alright, enjoy :3
It starts when the Penvensies(sp?) visit Narnia the second time.(Caspian, and stuff, ya know?)

Chapter 1


by: Hopey_xD
Name: Princess Ella
Family: she's Prince Caspian's biological sister
Age: Susan's age (16-17ish)
Looks: Tan skin, icy blue eyes, dark brown and curly hair, just past her waist
Typical dress: her custom armor and a grey cape, in armor and battle few people know she's the Princess. Most other times, she wears tight black pants, a grey tunic, with her hair down, and high black boots, uncommon for girls in Narnia.
Personality: hard-hearted, serious, quiet, strong in battle, would rather be fighting in battle with her brother than at home taking care of her uncle's baby and cooking.
Can often be found: practicing archery and sword-fighting with Caspian, reading up on Narnians, or walking around in the forest, looking for Spare Oom.
Relationships: she had a bad experience with a soldier who left her for someone else, which is why she's so hard-hearted. Caspian is over-protective of her with guys, but secretly she'd like to be loved.

Prince Caspian, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, the Narnians, Aslan, Caspian's kingdom, etc.

I will need more charcters, so message me your character if you're interested! :3

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