okay all. i need your opinions and if you dont read i will eat your brains with a spoon

just go read the text

Chapter 1

on the subject of a novel...

by: Matt_
as some of you may know, i really like to write and read. im a big fan of fantasy-adventure novels and movies and yet i cant find a book that has a mix of everything in it, being comedy, a tiny bit of romance, action, adventure, horror, thrills and a twisty plot. so, instead of reading a few thousand books, im going to write my own.

the only problem with this is that i have to stay focused and not give up. also, it would be a great help if you can give me ideas or tips for my writing, or even give me the names of really good fantasy books. as i am to get this book published, i cant post anything on here as im worried someone might steal it, which i know from personal experience. but if i get it published, if i ever finish it, i might (as im just that egotistical) send the people who helped me the most a copy of the book :) hehehehehe already i think it will be awesome.

if you want to know anything about my upcoming book, dont hesitate to message me on here, or email me at zero_belial@hotmail.com :) i will actually make an effort to reply to each and every email this time :P

so pretty please help me and if i get some support for my ego, perhaps it might make my writing easier :) xoxo ZB


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