OneShots :)

just read below plz? :) it's about my one direction oneshots :)

Chapter 1


Okay, so u guys may know dat I did oneshots for a LONG time then stopped and never really wrote some of urs and never finished them either. So, I was wondering, do u still want them? all u have to do is comment ,or comment again if u already did before, with character info. look at the example below

Name: ___ (__ means what ever u wanna put there)
Age: ____
Looks: ___ / _____ / ____/ ____/ ___
Personality: _____,____,______,_____,______

okay? on looks, u put hair first, then eyes,skin color,height, and then last but not least, figure

then on personality, name 5 things about u :)

okay???? the first one to comment below with character info, I will use they're character info to use in my story It Couldn't Get Better (A Harry Styles Love Story) and u will get a oneshot too! in the story, u get to b Zayn's girlfriend

So, comment fast and good luck ;)

peace out,


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