The Battlefield Of Hope

This is another one of my poetry installments and again, all comments/feedback are appreciated! So Read, Enjoy, and Comment!

Chapter 1

The Battlefield Of Hope

by: NatKat
Wounded I stand,
On The Battlefield Of Hope.
Everyone stands tall and proud,
While I begin to fade into the smoke.

My fellow soldiers begin to leave me behind,
They are cured of this plague of depression.
Cured from all things brutal and torturous.
They can now see the light again,
But I can’t.
I have to stay back,
And as I let them pass,
My hope bleeds out of my skin like a gash.

This is what the dying soldiers tell me.
This is what the people that give up tell me.
This is what I must choose not to believe.
This is what I must choose not to do.

I grab to their boots,
Clinging for dear life as I cry:
"Sir, please help me!
I'm dying, please help me!"

But every man shakes me away,
Continuing to walk away from me.
My words feel foreign to them.
I watch them go,
And wait for my inevitable demise.

But then God lifts me up,
And my wounds are soothingly healed,
Healed until there’s not even a scar left.
I can now walk and run again.
I can now laugh and play again.
Thanks to my precious Lord.

My mind will never be cured of this pain,
Not until I die.
Because my scars still show,
Reminding me of my constant struggle.
Reminding me of the hell I’ve been through.
And reminding me that I can get through anything,
Just like I did on The Battlefield Of Hope.

I know now that I shall go on,
For I am no longer afraid,
To get cut,
To reach out,
To follow my own path,
Or To live in pain.

I know that this is only temporary,
I know it can disappear in a day.
I know that: This Too Shall Pass.
I know that I will survive,
And I will make it out of this.


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