For Crying_And_Dying's Contest

Chapter 1


I walk through the pouring rain to school. Soaking wet, I crack open the door.

"Hey! There's the emo freak!"

"Here comes the depressed loner!"

"It was a nice day, till you got here!"

The hateful comments follow me to my usual isolated corner. One girl follows me. She grabs the sleeve of my jacket and pulls it up, revealing fresh, bloody cuts, half healed marks, and thin white scars that crisscross my arm. Too many of them to be accidental. I brace myself for a new wave of hate.

"You've got to stop. This isn't healthy."
I look up at her face, surprised.

"But no one cares." she says, smirking.

"I do." says my only friend, McKenna, walking up. "So shut your mouth, biitch."

"Thanks, Kenn." I say, faking a smile.

"No prob. But you seriously need to stop."

"I'm trying."

"Just leave your sissors at school."

"Ok." I agree, but I know I won't.

"McKenna!" screeches Audrey, the most popular girl in school. "We have to work on our science project!"

"It's launguage arts, not science." Kenn sighs.

"Whatever! You're coming with me!" Audrey squeals, dragging Kenn over to an empty table.


In the next week, Kenn starts getting more and more popular, ignoring me to hang out with "Aud".
Then everything

We're walking home, Kenn and I, when Kenn runs into the street to pick up a dollar someone dropped.
A car comes, headlights blinding.
Kenn hits the ground, a pool of blood forming.
The driver calls 911, but it's too late.
A week later, the funeral.
McKenna, looking pretty in a white dress.
One she would never wear.
Just like it was too late for Kenn, it's too late for me. My note is written, my tall, thin lettering flowing over the page. I have the knife, ready to plunge it into my chest.

"Emma!" my mom yells. I've got to do this fast. She can't stop me now.

The cool metal of the knife meets my heart. I'm gone. The last thing I see is my mom, opening the door of my room. Aud, come to apologize, screaming in shock.
And then it's black.


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