This Is War ~ A WWII/1D Story

This came to me while watching the beginning scene of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. No hate, please. This is a simple idea that came to me. I also suggest to be fifteen or sixteen and up to read this, it gets graphic. Enjoy!

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Liesel 2:

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

by: xBVBx
I've been here a week already, and I had sent my letter to my mother the first night I was here. Sadly, she hasn't replied yet. I didn't know if I should be worried or not, but my family was strong. I knew they'd be alright.
I walked through my new home, for probably the billionth time. It was taking a while for me to get used to being by myself in such a large house. Having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room, plus not to mention the bomb shelter in the backyard was a bit overwhelming.
"I can't wait for them to get here..." I mumbled, looking out my window.
A knock sounded from my door, causing me to jump, before realizing it was probably Zayn. I walked towards the door, grabbing the brass knob before opening it slowly. I peeked out, before grinning and opened it the rest of the way. "Hello, Zayn."
He smiled at me, bowing. "Liesel, its good to see you. Just checking in on you again."
I laughed. "I'm alright, still waiting for a letter from my parents. Hopefully they'll be out here soon."
"That'll be nice, to actually have people you know out here," he grinned.
"Well I know you, and Niall, and Louis-"
"Wait, you know Louis? Louis Tomlinson?"
"Yes. He helped me when I got off the train."
All of the sudden, Zayn busted into laughter. It made me jump and back up a little, before he looked at me.
"I'm sorry," he said, clearing his throat. "Louis happens to be one of my close friends."
I raised an eyebrow, laughing a bit. "Are all of your friends in the military?"
"No, but my closet four are. You've already met Lou, and Niall. Then theres Liam and Harold."
A small snicker escaped my lips. Zayn looked at me curiously.
"Yes, his name is Harold."
"Doesn't he have a nickname?"
"Well, before he was in the military, we called him Harry. But since he got to fly one of the jets, he thought it would be more respectable if people called him Harold."
"Maybe I'll call him Harry if I meet him... just to bug him a bit."
Zayn laughed. "Well, there is going to be a little get together tomorrow night. Maybe you'd like to join us?"
Thats where I froze. "You mean like a party?"
He grinned. "Yeah, a party. So would you like to go?"
My fingers shook at my sides. A party? With a bunch of military men who CLEARLY are fighting a war against the people I grew up with. And I only knew three of them, who knows how many people will be there!
"I dunno, Zayn..." I mumbled, trying to calm down my nerves.
"Oh come on! It'll be fun! Besides, you need to meet people here! Please?" he asked.
"But.. I mean, our countries are enemies," I frowned a bit.
"So? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself while you're here. Plus, it seems Louis and Niall already like you, so whos to say Liam and Harold won't. Please, Liesel?" he begged this time. He was down on his knees, shaking my hand. "Please, please, please?"
Oh God, he was pulling one of those looks. His eyes were wide, his bottom lip pouting and he wouldn't let go of my hands. I groaned and stomped my foot. "Alright, alright! Just stop making that face! Its weird."
Zayn laughed and got up, before hugging me. Why on God's green earth was he hugging me? I was the enemy. After realizing he wouldn't let go till I hugged him back, I wrapped my arms around him and patted his back. "Alright, Zayn. Let me go."
His arms slipped from around me, as mine did him. He wore a grin about the size of Hitler's followers. Just using that simile made me cringe.
"So I'll be back here tomorrow at six. And if you want the guys to really like you, you've got to dress pretty," he winked.
My eyebrows went up and I crossed my arms. "Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I have to dress pretty. Besides, I could pull off that uniform way better than you, military boy."
I swear, if Zayn's eyebrows could fly off his forehead, they would.
After gathering his thoughts, he coughed and smoothed his flipped up hair. "Well, if you can pull off a dress tomorrow night that gets Harold to notice you and stay with you all night, no other girls, because he's a major flirt, then I'll wear a dress all day Saturday. If no one comes to dance with you except Niall, Louis, or myself, then you have to wear my uniform for a day. Deal?"
"Deal," I grinned brightly, holding out my hand as he shook it. I love bets.

/Night of the Party/

My hair curled to the side, my makeup sorta dramatic like my mother used to wear, yet natural like I liked to wear. My dress had sleeves, but not as much as its supposed to. My mother always told me to have fun, so the day I turned sixteen was the day she let me pick out my own dress, which was something you'd never see on the streets or somewhere fancy. It wasn't really a "public appropriate" outfit.
A knock sounded from downstairs and I quickly slipped on my shoes, some small heels my mother had given me for my fourteenth birthday. Surprisingly, I still fit them.
"Coming!" I yelled.
Me being the forgetful person I am, didn't realize how cool it would be later. I was only focused on my nerves for the party.
I ran down the stairs, nearly tripping on my way down but caught myself on the railing. Quickly, I straightened up and made my way down the rest of the stairs. A knock once again sounded from the door and I sighed. "I said I'm coming!"
My feet quickly stepped across the floor, my heels making tiny clack sounds as I ran. Once I reached the door, I flattened out my dress quickly, smiling at the little nips and tucks here and there. I opened the door and smiled at Zayn, who's eyes widened immensely. "Liesel... Um, hi."
I rolled my eyes and smirked. "Come on, mister. We've got a party to attend."
He kept staring at me as I walked out, shutting the door behind me. As soon as he realized I was walking by myself, he ran to join me. He went over to a very nice looking car, not one of the military trucks I usually saw him in, and opened the front passenger seat. "Ms. Hertz, your chariot awaits."
I couldn't help but laugh and curtsied quickly before climbing into the car. "Thank you, Mr. Malik."
"Well you are quite welcome!"
He climbed into the drivers seat, and started up the car, pulling away from my house. "Oh, one quick thing."
"Yes, Zayn?"
"You don't mind if I pick up my girlfriend do you? I think you'd really like her. Her name's Perrie and I really think you'd like her."
I smiled at him. "Aw, Zayn has a little girlfriend!"
I laughed, before looking out the window. "That's fine with me. I'd love to meet her. If she's with you, she must a brave girl."
"Thanks... Wait, hey!"
I laughed even more before he joined in as we pulled up another house. It was a cute, little, townhouse and flowers grew in the window boxes. Seemed very feminine, but then I saw Perrie on the doorstep and instantly my mind went to sexy. She was flawless! When I looked over to Zayn, he was gone. I returned my gaze to where Perrie was and regretted looking. I stepped out of the car and sighed, crossing my arms. "As much as we know you two enjoy each others company, please, no PDA in public!"
Zayn pulled away, laughing and Perrie looked over at me, laughing a bit as well. He grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs before walking over to me. "Liesel, this is my girlfriend Perrie. Perrie, this is my friend Liesel. She just moved here from Germany."
"Germany?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.
I laughed a bit. "Don't worry, I left to escape, not be some spy. Trust me, they would've caught me at the train station if I had been a spy."
"Oh," she said, before smiling and hugging me. "Well it's lovely to meet you, Liesel! Such a pretty name, too."
I was shocked a first, but hugged her back. "You, too! I love your name, Perrie. It has a cute ring to it."
She smiled brightly. "Thank you! So, are we heading to this party or not?"
Zayn laughed, before nodding. "We were just on our way now! Shall we, ladies?"
Perrie and I laughed, before going back to the car. "We shall!"
Maybe this wouldn't be too bad after all.

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