This Is War ~ A WWII/1D Story

This came to me while watching the beginning scene of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. No hate, please. This is a simple idea that came to me. I also suggest to be fifteen or sixteen and up to read this, it gets graphic. Enjoy!

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Liesel 2:

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

by: xBVBx
Father walked in front of us, carrying my luggage, my hands occupying Claus and Otto's own little hands. My twin brothers had no clue of what was happening, all they knew was that I'd be going to London on a 'visit' with a 'family friend'. Mother stayed home. She couldn't handle seeing me off. I had hugged her goodbye, and she exchanged a kiss from me for some of her famous pumpkin bread.
"Liesel," little Otto asked. "How long will you be away?"
I smiled softly at him. "Hopefully a short while so I can come back to you."
Claus looked up at me, pouting. "Hey! What about me?"
I couldn't help but laugh at his pout. "Don't worry, Claus. I'll miss both of you dearly."
He smiled before hugging me around my legs.
Father was rushing us, the train leaving soon. He seemed eager to send me off to London, yet scared and worried as well. I'd always be his little girl, but I don't know if he ever saw that.
"You have your ticket, darling?" he asked me as we reached where I would be getting on.
I nodded simply, pulling out my ticket from my coat pocket. Father smiled before a conductor loaded my luggage. The train whistle blew loudly into the air, causing Claus and Otto to cover their ears. I couldn't help but laugh at them as I knelt down and kissed their foreheads. "You two be good, alright? No causing mother to worry?"
They both nodded. "We promise."
"And do what you're told. And definitely make sure you don't pick on little Gretel who lives down the street. Alright?"
They groaned, before I gave them a look. "Please? For me?"
"Fine, Liesel."
I smiled at them, hugging them close. "That's my boys."
Little Otto sniffled a bit before I kissed his forehead once again. Father yelled for me and I turned to face him, before he opened his arms and I ran into them. I hid my face against his chest, breathing in the smell of mint and tobacco
"Behave, alright?" he mumbled, pulling back to look at me. I nodded.
"I will. I'll write as soon as I get moved in."
He smiled at me, before kissing my forehead as the train whistle blew again. "Better be off now. You don't want to miss your train."
I nodded, kissing his cheek and Otto and Claus's as well, before stepping onto the train steps, looking back at them. The twins were crying and holding onto fathers leg and I smiled softly at them, blowing a kiss and stepping onto the train. The conductor checked my ticket and passport before letting me go to my seat. I sat down just as the train was pulling out. Father was escorting the boys away, who were crying deeply. It hurt to watch them like that, but I knew I had to leave so we could get them out of the country.
When I decided to look elsewhere I noticed the country side already. Flat lands of green, flowers everywhere, and weeping willows that hung so low to the ground, you could pull some to use as a hiding area. I smiled brightly at it all, before noticing one tent. Then two tents. Then five tents, and soon they began to multiply. Everywhere, tents overtook the scenery. On each tent, red, black, and white swastikas sat, labeling them as The German Nazi's.
Was I proud of my country? I had been, but not by what it had become today. The Nazi's are a terrible group of people, who believe in a dictatorship. Their leader, Adolf Hitler, was also getting rid of Jews. Honestly, I had never seen anything wrong with the Jews. My closest friends were from Jewish homes. But last week, they didn't show up to school. I admit, I am very worried about them. Who knows what Hitler did.
I caught sight of some of the soldiers. They were drinking from bottles and mugs and I already knew what they were drinking. It sickened me to watch it, and this was one of the many reasons I knew Germany would not win in this war.

"Welcome to London, ma'am!" the conductor smiled at me.
I nodded and smiled my thanks, before stepping off the train, taking in everything around me. People were hurrying for their trains in business suits, mothers and children were waving bye to their fathers who were leaving for war, much of this I had seen back in Berlin.
"Is this your luggage, ma'am?"
I turned and saw a well dressed soldier standing before me. I nodded and smiled shyly at him. "Yes, sir."
He raised an eyebrow. "You're not from around here are you?"
I shook my head, looking at my feet. "No, I'm not. I'm from Berlin, actually."
"Ah, trying to invade now, are we?" he smirked.
I rolled my eyes, laughing a bit. "No, no. More of escaping."
He stared at me confused for a second, but nodded before smiling at me. "May I take your bags for you?"
"But I'm the enemy," I said, a bit shocked.
A laugh escaped his throat and he shook his head. "You don't seem like the enemy. Besides, a lady like yourself couldn't harm a fly."
Slowly, a small smirk slid across my face. "You just wait."
He laughed once again before sticking his hand out to me. "Sergeant Louis William Tomlinson, at your service, ma'am."
My eyes landed on his hand, before I smiled, shaking his hand. "Liesel Mathilda Hertz. Nice to meet you, Sergeant Tomlinson."
He grinned at me, before letting go of my hand and picking up my luggage. "So, shall we go?"
I nodded and followed next to him as he lead me out of the station. A cab drove up and he placed my luggage in the trunk before turning to me and bowing. A small laugh escaped my lips before I curtsied and smiled at him. "Thank you, kind sir."
He opened my door for me and smiled, as I stepped inside. He started to shut the door, before it flung back open again and he leaned in, staring at me. "Wait, Liesel, where can I find you?"
I pulled out a paper from my pocket that my father had given me, before reading off the name of the houses. "Um, London's Immigrant Housing, across from Big Ben."
Louis nodded before shutting my door and saluted the driver as the car pulled away. I looked back at Louis who waved to me, and I couldn't help but wave back. Maybe I'd like London.

I hope you guys are enjoying the story! And for the first time, I'd like some input from you guys, the readers! Leave comments of what you'd like to see and keep reading! Thanks!

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