This Is War ~ A WWII/1D Story

This came to me while watching the beginning scene of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. No hate, please. This is a simple idea that came to me. I also suggest to be fifteen or sixteen and up to read this, it gets graphic. Enjoy!

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Liesel 2:

Chapter 19

Chapter 18

by: xBVBx
The boys had gone off to base once again, so Perrie had come by for lunch. We sat at my kitchen table, quietly conversing and eating the lunch she had brought back from the deli. We talked things from our education to our families, from our dreams to the war. Topics were being thrown everywhere, it was almost like writing out a novel.
"So," she started, looking to me. "Do you like it here in London?"
I took another bite of my soup, before shrugging a bit and looking to her. "It's nice and all, I do miss home, though."
Perrie's frown started to form and I raised an eyebrow. "What?"
"Well... I was hoping you would stay for a while."
I couldn't help but laugh at her statement and I sat my spoon down. "You do realize I'll probably be here for a long while, don't you?"
"Well, yeah but-"
"But what, Perrie?"
She looked down to her food, shrugging a bit and mumbled. "Well... Zayn and I were... well... we're planning to get married."
"Married?!" I gasped, before grinning. "Perrie! That's wonderful!"
She smiled shyly, looking up to me. "Thanks, Liesel... But I was wanting you to be here for it. I wanted you to be one of my bridesmaids."
My jaw dropped and I laughed a bit. "Really? You want me as a bridesmaid? I dunno, Perrie..."
"Oh please, Liesel, please!" she begged, reaching across the table and grabbing my hand. "It would be so amazing if you were. Just stay here with us! I know that sounds selfish of myself and I apologize, but it just doesn't seem like it'd be the same after you leave."
My mind was suddenly swarmed with decisions. Go back and find my family? Or stay here and wait out the war? I was so concerned as to what to do with myself at this point, but did the others even want me here? Wasn't I seen as a threat?
"I'll think about it, Pez. But I honestly couldn't think of being anywhere besides home right now," I muttered, looking away.
"Liesel, Germany is under Hitler's control. Isn't that why you left? Your parents sent you here to be safe, Hitler can't touch you here. I know you're scared and so are we, but everything will be fine. I promise."
The comforting words she tried to use with me only made me feel worse. My heart ached for Berlin, as well as my family, but who knew when and if I'd ever see them again.
"Liesel?" Perrie asked wearily.
"Hm?" I hummed, looking up to her.
"Please stay with us. I already know none of us want you to leave, especially Harold. We can all see it. He really likes you, and not a lot of girls get on his good side."
"His good side?"
"Well, he can have a temper at points, but he just wants to be loved is all. He won't fess up to it, but we all see it in him. The women he wouldn't go out with just spread rumors and horrible things about him, and it doesn't help that he's a soldier. Girls parents warn them about him, and that's another reason why he hasn't had any luck. I really feel bad for him at this point, but he's got you now. You're changing him somehow, Liesel."
Her words sunk into me deeply and I thought about it. Why would anyone spread rumors so bad about Harold? It was his own choice to whom he would spend time with. It's sad to know how girls would treat him, and it wasn't fair to him at all. I looked up from my thoughts and gave a small smile. "I'll stay."
Perrie's face broke out in the brightest smile I'd ever seen and she ran around the table, wrapping her arms around me. "Thank you, thank you! I promise you, it'll be a good time with us!"
I couldn't help but laugh at her banter but I hugged her back, trying to keep the smile on my face despite how worried I felt inside.

Perrie and I had spent the whole day together at my house, the windows having finally been replaced. We never got a word back from the boys, and it was slightly worrisome.
"Do you think they're alright?" I asked quietly, fiddling with the ends of my blanket.
"Of course. Sometimes they get caught up with things like this and they're just too busy to send someone to tell us they're fine. Happens all the time," Perrie replied, twirling her spoon in her teacup.
"What about Niall, Liam, and Louis? Didn't they go to to Germany?"
"Yeah, it's been a while, too..." Perrie muttered. "Maybe they've just gotten back, they're taking care of any wounded soldiers."
"Are we allowed to go check on them?" I questioned, peeking over the side of my teacup.
Perrie sat there for a moment, pursing her lips. "Zayn told me he never wanted me to go down to base... but I'm just as worried as you are. Let me call there really quick."
Perrie shot up from her seat and rushed over to the phone. I could feel her worry radiating off of her but I understood her feeling.
"Hello? Yes, is Zayn Malik around?" she asked, her hand on her hip. "This is Perrie Edwards, his fiancee... Yes of course."
"Are they there?"
"Ssh!" she waved her hand at me, before smiling. "Hey, Zayn... I know, I know you're at work but Liesel and I have been worried. Would it be alright if we came down just for a bit? ... Yes, I'll bring you lunch... Alright, love you, bye."
She hung up quickly before turning to me. "We have to bring Zayn lunch, but he said yes. Now hurry and get ready."
I couldn't help but laugh and I shot up out of my seat, hurrying to grab my shoes. I'd never seen the boys at work, hopefully Harry wouldn't mind me showing up as well.

We had stopped at the bakery on the way, as well as the deli. As we headed down to the base, we couldn't help but look at all the rubble left over from the bombing the past week. It was horrible to see the left over items from homes, as well as homes that had been broken into.
"I hope this all blows over soon," I mumbled, frowning.
"As do I," Perrie agreed, gripping my hand in hers.
The base came into view right down the street and we could see the familiar tan skin and dark hair. Perrie squealed a bit before hurrying off, letting go of my hand, and running to Zayn.
I rolled my eyes, laughing. "Thanks, Pez!"
Perrie hugged Zayn once she got to him, a smile lighting up my face at the two of them. They were completely smitten with each other.
"Hello, Zayn," I smiled.
He pulled back from Perrie, smiling to me. "Hello, Liesel. Good to see you well."
"Same to you. Are the other boys back?"
Zayn's smile faltered a bit but he nodded. "Yeah... yeah they are."
Perrie and I both frowned and I muttered. "Zayn, what's wrong?"
He took a deep breath before speaking quietly. "Niall got hit by a stray bullet. He's alright, but his legs messed up. They don't have to amputate, but he might be on a crutch for the rest of his life."
My heart shattered and I looked towards the door. Not Niall, not our Niall. "Where is he?"
"Nurses station, can't miss it."
I shot off into the base, looking around before spotting a large red cross. I hurried over and into the station, eyes widening at the soldiers laying wounded.
"Liesel?" someone called and I turned, seeing the familiar blonde hair.
"Oh my God, Niall," I sighed, rushing over and wrapping my arms around him. He winced a bit and I pulled away, muttering sorry over and over.
"How are you feeling?" I asked quietly, smiling to him.
"Better. How about you?" he questioned.
"I'm alright. How are the other boys?"
"They're alright. Liam got me out of the way on the field, I could've gotten hit again and probably wouldn't be here."
"Where are they?"
"Over at the table. They rescued a few people from camps."
I nodded, turning my gaze over to where the rest of the boys stood. I saw Liam speaking to some refugees, Harry was tending to one mans wounds, and Louis sat with a boy. He had a limp arm and I frowned. Poor things. I started to turn away when I noticed the birthmark on his neck. My heart froze and I gasped.
"Liesel? Are you okay?" Niall asked quietly.
"Otto?" I mumbled, shooting out of my seat. "Otto?!"
Eyes turned to me as I stared at the boy and he caught my eyes. Tears started streaming and I hurried to him, as he did to me. I wrapped him up in my arms and cried into his shoulder. "Oh my God, Otto.... Thank God..."
"I can't believe it's you, Liesel!" he cried, clinging to me. But I noticed with only one hand. I didn't ask any question and I pulled back, kissing his forehead.
"Liesel, we-" Louis started but Harry held him back and mumbled. "It's her brother."
I laughed a bit at the two, before I realized something. I looked over all of the other refugees and I turned back to Otto. "Otto, darling, where's Claus?"
His eyes watered tremendously and he whispered. "I tried, Liesel. I tried to protect him."
I froze, my skin rising in goosebumps. "No... No, he's not-"
"He is, Liesel. I'm sorry," Otto sobbed.
My chest felt heavy and I pulled my brother to me, cradling him as we cried together. Sobs escaped my throat and I let it out, all the pain I'd been feeling, all the hurt in my life. My little Claus was gone, we'd never see him again.

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