Dancing With Wolves

Star, a sixteen year old photographer, has a secret, but it's not her secret to keep.
She has a group of five friends, all boys, and their all wolves.
When Star finds out, she has to leave everything from her own life behind, and learn to be one of them.
But when she's welcomed back to the pack, she has to make the biggest choice of her life.
Fighting for her future.
Or running with the wolves.

Chapter 1


Name: Star Everlast
Age: 16
Looks: Long, brownish blonde hair, light carmel brown eyes, model like figure, scar in the middle of forearm.
Personality: Jumpy, loves to dance, loves to run, smiley, thoughtful, loves photography, tells grandfather everything, loves history and stories. Best friends with Cammie and Gabe.
Likes: Dancing, reading, long walks, skateboarding, cooking, and running.
Hates: Peanut butter, dresses, hangovers.

Pack: Six.
Genders: Boys.
Element: Fire.
Grounds: Forest.
Ally: Water.
Lost: One.

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