Chapter 1


First thing I wanna say is, hi, guys! * waves * I'm back after my internetless one week vacation. So you know how you can set your messages to get them once a week, or once a day? Before I left, I was gonna do that, so I have maybe 10 messages waiting for me when I get back, instead of like 1000. So I made a mental note 'Sarah, set your messages before you go!', and Tara even said to me 'you better set your messages before you go!' So what did I do? I FORGOT TO SET MY MESSAGES. Raven's right. I AM a dumb blonde. (no offense to u blonde people out there - I know tons of u are smart :D) So, when I log back into Quibblo after being gone for a week, guess how many messages are waiting in my inbox. Wait for it... 789 messages!!! 789 freaking messages. This could take a while. :)

Sorry to everyone who entered my story contest and hasn't gotten their tribute yet. As soon as I get through my messages, I will send them too you all. Good luck!

I wanna apologize to Alexa, and to Beth, who are both waiting on me to finish not one but TWO chapters for group stories. I haven't forgotten, you guys, I'll write them ASAP.

Sorry also to Annemarie, who has been waiting patiently for the first chapter of 'The First Quarter Quell - Annemarie's Story.' It's almost done, promise!

Sorry also to anyone waiting for me to hurry up and keep writing the Celebrity Hunger Games, The Clato Victory story, and of course Thresh's story. I've just been away so much, and I'm having unfortunate bouts of writer's block. Any advice?

Chocolate Kisses!

~ Sarah ♥♥♥


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