Spin the bottle (Hetalia)

Spin the bottle (Hetalia)

Chapter 1

So I was at this "Hanging out thing" at Germany's place......

Who invited you to play? Prussia
Your Response- I'm not so sure about this. But It can't hurt right? In my head "Chance of getting Sweden 1/6. Chance of making Sweden jealous..... "
Whatever you said, you were forced to play anyways: Ok Sure... Whatever...
Your turn to spin! How many times did it go around: Too high to count!
The bottle comes to a stop on- Denmark Holy Sheet. This is bad
When it landed on him you- You looked around wanting to refuse I mean seriously he's my brother!(sort of)
America shouted for you to kiss so, how was it? Kind and sweet, like candy
The kiss would've lasted forever if America hadn't Yelled, "Kiss Tony next!" Me: Mr. America!!!
After the kiss he said to you- Let's not speak of this again
Chance you liked your experience- 5%

Judging on Swedens body langauge I think successful made him very Jealous. XD


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