My Brother Is Batman!?

Soooo this is a story a friend and I can up with while talking. Here's the idea:

It's about a girl(me) who lives in Gotham with her family. She notices her youngest brother(whose 10) is acting weird, and when she goes to investigate, she accidently discovers the Bat cave and then all this crazy stuff starts to happen.

"My Brother is Batman" is random, funny, and just full of "OMG" moments that will literally make you laugh out loud! Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Bats, Brothers, And More Cake

My voice sounds squeaky and hoarse when I finally attempt to speak.
"Holy Shi-"
"WHO ARE YOU!?" a deep, yet somewhat familiar, voice echos throughout the cave. I whip around and jump as I see Jacob staring at me, upside down. Wait. Upside Down?? I blinked several times just to make sure I was seeing things correctly. Yes, I wasn't crazy (yet). Jacobs shoes looked suction cupped to a low bar that hung down a few feet above my head, but it was high enough for my brother to hang from it so his eyes met mine directly.
"How did you?" I ask, my voice sounding slightly shaky. Suddenly, Jacob falls down from the bar and somehow lands on his feet, like he's part cat or something. Now that some sunlight is shining on him, I can see the rest of his body.
He seems to blend in with the darkness of the cave, and that's when I realize, he's wearing a costume. It's hard to make out all the details of the black suit, but I know it's a Batman outfit. I manage to make out the outline of the flowing cape behind him, the tight spandex pants, muscular looking upper-half, the empty utility belt, and of course, the mask. It looks like the one Jacob had on the day we drove here, you know, the paper one? Only, it's rubber, with pointed ears, and a larger mouth hole. And EVERYTHING is black. The only color on him is his eyes, which have a little twinkle in them, either from the confusion, or from the thrill of scaring the living crap out of me. Finally, I snap back into reality. My terror filled face changes to anger and I start pounding Jacob with questions.
"What the h is going on? Where am I? Why are you in that costume? Why-"
"Is there a problem, sir?" another familiar voice asks behind me. I turn and see Bill standing on the other side of the small stream, in a black tux, with his right arm crossed in front of him, and his left crossed behind his back in a very formal jester, like he's about to lead a group full of people to a fancy party.
He's also wearing what I believe is a paper mustache, on his face. Jeez, my brothers will make anything out of paper if you let them.
"Bill?" I exclaim.
"No, Alfred, everything is fine" Jacob answers in a very low voice. I've heard him use that voice before, when he roll played as Batman at our old house. It's very similar to Batman's voice in the movies. I look back and forth between the two of them. I want to scream, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU CRAZY PEOPLE?!".
Instead I simply ask, "What are you two doing down here? What is this place anyway?". I open my arms wide, gesturing to the entire cave. Jacob and Billy exchange looks, like they're asking each other weather or not to tell me what's going on.
Jacob lets out a sigh.
"We'll tell you," he says in his normal voice, "if you promise not to tell mom or dad". I stare blankly at him.
"Fine. Sure. Whatever. Now, what's going on? Where am I? Why are you here? Why are you wearing that?". He pushes his hand against my mouth to prevent me from asking anymore questions.
"Shhhh," he says, "Just shut up and listen". And I do. But I don't believe anything that I'm hearing.
Apparently, the day we first moved here and my brother's went and scoped out the basement (yes he did say scope), Bill had found the secret passage way down to the cave. They said it's a different way every time. Sometimes it's stairs, sometimes it's a slide, and occasionally they get to use a pole. And of course with my luck I got the most stomach turning ride of my life.
Anyway, Jacob said that the first few days they went down here, it was pitch black and only the computers would turn on, so they just played video games on the huge TV screens. But one day Jacob had hit one of the buttons on the gigantic U shaped keyboard and then all the lights suddenly turned on and they found out they were in a cave the whole time (Bill thought they were in an old Arcade place). They started exploring the cave, and the more they did, the more things they found. Turns out there's an entire underground system (an underground system for an underground cave below a basement....yeah), full of different costumes and weapons and files of different people. They don't know who they are, but they think it's just a bunch of people that use to live here, so they don't really look at them. But now Jacob RP's as Batman and wears all the different costumes(which surprisingly fit him) and Bill RP's as Alfred because there was an old tux that was with all the costumes.
After they finish I stare at them, my face twisted with surprise, confusion, and that look you give people when you know they're lieing to you. After about 4 minutes of silence, I finally say, "Mm Hmm", sarcastically.
"It's true!" Jacob blurts out. I laugh.
"I know, I believe SOME of it. But you realize I have to tell mom and dad right? If one of you gets hurt down here then I'd have to explain to them and when they find out I knew you guys were down here they'll kill me!" I explain. The two of them exchange looks again.
"Give us a moment," Bill says. The two of them stand up and walk a few feet away then huddle together like I've seen football players do be for a game. After a few minutes of whispers, the two return to their seats.
"Or...we could make a deal" Jacob says slowly. I raise my eyebrow.
"What kind of deal?"
"You don't tell mom or dad, and we'll let you hang out here" he suggests. I look at Bill and he nods in agreement. I take this suggestion into consideration. I mean, this place is pretty cool, and how many 14 year old's get to say they've hung out in the Batcave? I'm guessing not that many. And I'm sure if one of them gets hurt they'll come up with some kind of cover-up for it. I mean, they've kept this place a secret for months.
"Okay, deal". I hold out my hand and Jacob and I shake on it. Then Bill's eyes light up in delight. "What?" I ask.
"You could be Batgirl!" he exclaims. Jacob smiles at the idea.
"Yea! And if you tell anyone I'm Batman, I can kill you!". From the grin on J's face, I have a feeling that's not meant to be a joke.
"What about Batman's 'no kill' rule?" I point out. He rubs the rubber chin of his mask, then smiles again.
"What 'no kill' rule?" he asks, with a dumb smile plastered on his face.
And that's how I became Batgirl, Batman's "loyal" sidekick. And things were turning out pretty well for me down here. It was a place of solitude, a place where we could just hang out and act goofy. And the best part, our parents had no clue. Then, a few weeks later, I found the cake and the note. That's when all hell broke loose.

. . .

"Steph. Come on. Please! We wanna see it!". I'm not sure how but they had done it. Both Bill and Jacob had gotten me into one of the most embarrassing costumes they could find. The skin tight blue and black outfit was probably one of the most uncomfortable outfits I've ever worn in my life. It rode up. I could barely breath. The only good thing about it was that it made me look skinnier than I thought I could be. But I think the mask was the worst. The blue bat ears pointed straight up and looked sharp enough to poke some poor kids eye out. And I could barely open my mouth without tasting the rubber plastic of the mask. But regardless, I was NOT walking out of this bathroom in this suit, and I couldn't change because the two dorks has taken my clothes and won't give them back until I show them the costume.
"I'm not coming out!" I yell to them, the rubber taste fills my mouth once again.
"Well then I guess you aren't getting your clothes back either!" Bill calls back. I sigh and slowly open the door only by a crack. I peek my head out, then slowly reveal the rest of my body, little by little. Oh, and one more thing I hate about this suit, it squeaks. With every step I make, I'm followed by a loud sqqeeeaakk. What a wonderful day this is.
Once I'm completely out of the bathroom I open my arm wide and spin around for their own amusement. "There. Happy?" I say sarcastically. Both of them look at me, then at each other and burst out laughing. My hands roll into fists. "Alright now give me my clothes back!" I raise my voice over their laughter. I reach for my clothes but Bill snatches them before I do. "Bill!" I glare at him.
"My name isn't Bill. It's Alfred. Just like yours is Batgirl" he says in his best "British" accent. I lunge for him, but he moves out of the way and I ram into one of the glass cabinets, pushing it over.
Glass spills all over the ground, the objects the cabinet was holding fall all around me. You can call me clumsy. The whole cave was spinning and my vision blurred. When I came to my senses, a shearing pain shoots through my hands. I look down and try to hold back the tears. Little shards of glass stick out of my palms and wrists. Blood trickles out from the wounds. Well, at least I'm still alive.
"Steph!" Jacob yells. "Are you okay?"
"Yea," I answer, carefully pulling the glass out of my hands. "Just help me pick all this stuff up before mom and dad start searching for where the crash came from."
We gather up all the material, which was just a whole bunch of papers, and set them on a table. I reach down to pick up the last paper, and almost drop it instantly, letting out a small gasp. On the paper is a picture of a young girl, around my age, with blonde hair tied up in two pigtails. She's looking into the camera the same way you'd look at a person that you hate. Mouth in a frowning position, piercing blue eyes, that resemble Jacob's, glare into my soul. For I moment, I thought she actually wants to hurt ME. I read the description below her picture.
Name: Samantha Quinzel
Age: 14
Parents: Harley Quinn and "The Joker"
Height: 5'5
Background: Born and raised in Asylum. Master of trickery, bomb-making, and gymnastics. Trained by parents and fellow cell mates to fight. WARNING: Highly Dangerous! Always Keep In Sight!
"What?", Jacob asks, taking the paper out of my quivering hands. "I don't see what the big deal is..." he continues on, but my mind is off elsewhere. The picture of the girl is burned into my mind. And her name, Samantha. Then I remember the day I found the cave, on the news they talked about a juvenile prisoner breaking out of an Asylum. A 14 year old girl, in a purple and green sequined outfit.
This was her criminal record, like the ones cops have when they take you to the "Big House". What was it doing down here?
"Steph?". Bill touches my shoulder and brings me back to reality.
"Fine," I say. "Let's just go upstairs before I get an infection." I tell them. Bill and Jacob take the lead as I trail behind. I couldn't shrug off the feeling that all those papers were down here for a bad reason. That's when I catch something out of the corner of my eye that is all to familiar.
The white frosting and coated design that reads "Make Your Choice". Another cake lays close by the U shaped keyboard. Okay, I will admit the first time was pretty cool. I mean, it was FREE cake. But now it's a little creepy finding it down here. Slowly, I walk over and examine it. Just like before, another note is attached to the delicious sweet.
I open it and read to myself. "Congratulations. You've past the first test. Now it gets trickier. You may have the outfit, but you need the moves as well. Your second test is coming up, be prepared. Prove to me you can be the hero this city must have. And don't forget. I'm Always Watching."

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