My Brother Is Batman!?

Soooo this is a story a friend and I can up with while talking. Here's the idea:

It's about a girl(me) who lives in Gotham with her family. She notices her youngest brother(whose 10) is acting weird, and when she goes to investigate, she accidently discovers the Bat cave and then all this crazy stuff starts to happen.

"My Brother is Batman" is random, funny, and just full of "OMG" moments that will literally make you laugh out loud! Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Caves, Clowns, and Cake

Our house was a few blocks away from the city, but it was far enough that we could walk to and from there. It overlooked the ocean, and was secluded by trees and bushes. Vines and moss growing all around the outside walls indicated that no one had lived there for quiet some time. A huge gate blocks intruders from getting into the property. It's almost hanging on it's rusted hinges, and I think to myself that we could easily just drive through the gate. Then I see the lock that keeps both sections of the gate closed together. Dang it! I really wanted to drive through that old gate!
My father pulls out a key from his pocket that the man selling the house gave to him. I only saw the man once. He looked like he was around 70 or 80, with his gray hair and wrinkling face. He wore a black tux and pants, and always called my dad "Sir" and my mom "Ma'am". He had a sad expression when I saw him. I didn't really catch his name either, but I'm guessing this was his house.
My dad gets out of the car and walks up to the gate. He turns the key, but nothing happens. He tries again and again, and still nothing. My mom sticks her head out the window.
"Try turning it the other way!". My father does and I hear a loud click. The lock falls to the ground and my father flashes us an embarrassed look. He pushes the gate doors apart and gets back in the car. Gravel crushes beneath the tires and we slowly make our way up to our new house. Spiders spin their webs on bushes and hanging branches. A chill goes down my spine. Spiders. I hate them.
My father parks the car right in front of the huge doors of the house. I hear another group of tires, and the moving truck stops right behind us. "Okay boys! Bring 'em in!" my father shouts to the driver out the window. Suddenly, thousands of men flood out of the truck. They're coming from the front, the back, they're even coming out of the trailer that carries our items. It's like when your at a circus, and like 10 clowns come out of that tiny little car, and you wonder How the heck do they all fit in there?. We all step out of the car as men carry couches, TV's, beds, chairs, and dressers into the house.
Bill and Jacob dart straight for the doors, nearly knocking over several men carrying a big cardboard box that reads "Glass Silverware" on the side.
I make my way through the doors and my eyes widen. A crystal chandler hangs high above an empty room. I can picture this room like one you could throw a party in. It's big enough to fit thousands of people.
"We're gonna go explore the basement!" I hear Jacob exclaim to my dad. "Wanna come Steph?". I turn around and face him.
"No" I say. He frowns then looks at Billy. The trudge off towards the basement and I continue to explore my way.A spiraling staircase leads up to a second floor, which I'm guessing will be used for bedrooms. I walk down the long hallway to what will be my room and stand in the doorway in awe. Long, flowing curtains hang over diamond shaped windows. White wallpaper that is starting to peel covers the walls. I open a sliding door to revile a huge closet that has hangers on the ground. The best thing about it, the walls are sound proof. Back at my old house, my walls might as well been made out of paper. I could here every little sound from outside or from everyone else's rooms. But here, I could finally sleep in peace, and maybe finally have privacy for once. Then, I saw something rather unusual. In the corner of the room, was a nightstand. It wasn't all dusty or old looking like everything else here. It looked new, with it's polished wood and shiny metal legs. But the strangest thing, was what it was holding. A small cake with white frosting sat on a glass plate, like the ones my mom has. Next to it was a note. I opened it and read it aloud.
"My time has come, but yours has begun. I've given you this cake as a present so you may consider my offering. This house holds many secrets, and I believe someone else in this household may find them before you do. But you will be given a choice, and all I can say to you is that you choose wisely. Gotham needs a hero it deserves, not one it needs. You and your companions must be this hero. Please, it is you're job to carry on what may be forgotten". I look for a signature, but of course there isn't one. I look at the cake again then back down at the note. A mysterious person that gives me free cake, a sound proof room, and a huge house? Okay, maybe I could get use to living here, after all.
The next couple of weeks were peaceful. Birds sang outside. White, puffy clouds floated gracefully through the sky. And for once, Jacob wasn't talking about Batman. Although he did seem to be acting quite strange. Not letting anyone in his room, going down into the basement constantly. I'm not really thinking much of it. But the last couple of days, he's been acting extra weird. But I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. He's probably just being, you know, Jacob.
The table wasn't set up yet, so we ate breakfast on the wooden floor. It wasn't that bad actually, you should try it sometime. The moving guys helped dad set up the TV so we could watch it. Everything was perfect, until my mom turned local news on. A woman with bright blond hair and way too much lipstick smiled at us through the screen.
"Good morning, Gotham." she began. Then she proceeded to tell us why it wasn't. "A prison break that occurred last night at the Arkham Asylum leaves local authorities baffled at the disappearance of 14 year old Samantha Quinzel. A juvenile prisoner that was said to have been seen leaving the Asylum around midnight. We have a reporter on the scene".
The screen panes to another woman, not nearly has terrifying, standing in front of a huge building that resembles a castle. She clears her throat and starts talking into a microphone. "Late last night, the sounds of screaming, laughing, and even gunshots filled the air as the most violent prison break occurred at this very spot". The screen panes to the inside of the building while the woman continues to talk. "Samantha, who was born and raised in the Asylum, broke free last night. Witnesses believe that Samantha could have some sort of outside help send her some little bombs, a big sort of explosives, and a gun. She set up the explosion outside of her cell and it went off, killing a few guards and setting her free. They say that she then calmly walked out, shooting any cop in the head that tried to touch her, snapping their necks, or by throwing a small explosive at them, and she then got in a getaway car".
They show surveillance footage of a girl in a purple and green sequined outfit with blond hair getting into a big black van, then show it driving off. The screen panes back to the woman with the microphone.
"Police say the van doesn't have a license plate, so it's impossible to find the exact car shown in the footage. They also say for citizens to stay on the lookout for Samantha, as she can be very dangerous". The screen panes back to the lipstick lady.
"Thank you, now...." then she continued onto the weather, shopping, and something about a goat fighting a duck. But after they finished the story on that Sam girl, Jacob and Billy almost immediately threw their plates in the sink and ran off back towards the basement. My parents didn't seem to care much, but I knew something was up. I put my plate in the sink and headed off towards the basement.
The steps squeaked with every step I took, but luckily, there weren't many steps to start with. I reached the floor, and looked around. A wooden floor covered every inch of the place. White wallpaper, that resembled the wallpaper that was in my room when we first got here, brightened the room up. But I couldn't see my brothers anywhere. It was like they just disappeared into thin air. I scratched my head, confused, and leaned my hand against the wall. I heard a sudden click and next thing I know, I'm falling.
Well I'm not really falling, my feet are still planted firmly on a section of the wooden floor from above, but it sure does feel like I am. I shut my eyes tightly and wind blows up and around me. Then, it stops. I slowly open my eyes and my mouth drops open at what I see. A small waterfall glistens down several rocks, then flows into a small river at my feet. Computers, with screens as big as a platinum TV's and some as small as an IPod's, hang from the ceiling and walls of the cave. Weapons are safely placed behind glass walls. But something catches my eye that makes my heart skip a beat.
A huge logo, like the one that was on Jacob's shirt, lies beneath my feet. It's the logo of a bat. I slowly look up as I realize where I am. I would never believe it if someone told me. But here I was, mouth halfway open, trying to decide weather I was dreaming or not. This is the Batcave.

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