My Brother Is Batman!?

Soooo this is a story a friend and I can up with while talking. Here's the idea:

It's about a girl(me) who lives in Gotham with her family. She notices her youngest brother(whose 10) is acting weird, and when she goes to investigate, she accidently discovers the Bat cave and then all this crazy stuff starts to happen.

"My Brother is Batman" is random, funny, and just full of "OMG" moments that will literally make you laugh out loud! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Welcome To Gotham

"Okay, I think that's everything". My father stands behind our silver car, hauling the last suitcase into the trunk. I sit quietly in my seat, head turned behind me, as I watch my father struggle to close the back of the car without the mountain of cases, bags, and crates tumbling down.
"Stephanie! Turn around in your seat the right way!". My mother screams at me from the front of the car. I reluctantly turn away from the trunk and face the front, then catch a glimpse of my brother, Jacob, trying to hide the faintest of smiles through his mask.
"What are you smiling at?". I glare at him. He turns to face me, his bright blue eyes narrow at my face as he grins evilly. He's wearing his "home-made" Batman mask, which is really just a bunch of paper taped together that he colored black with two eye holes and a mouth hole, and his Batman logo shirt he got last Christmas, that looks far to small on him now.
"I'm not smiling," he begins. "I'm Batman". Billy, who's sitting in the seat next to Jacob, scuffles a laugh. I shoot a look at Billy, then focus my attention by to Jacob.
"Well, newsflash dork. Batman isn't real!". Jacobs smile disappears and he's about to open his mouth again when Billy interrupts.
"Yea he is! He's sitting right here!". He points to Jacob.
"He's wearing a PAPER MASK!" I exclaim.
"Shut up, all of you!". My mother yells at us again. We all shut our mouths immediately. I hear the door behind me click close and my father makes his way to the drivers seat. He turns so that he's facing us and smiles.
"You guys excited?" he asks. His warm, friendly eyes remind me of our mothers, when she isn't yelling of course. 3 annoyed moans come from each of our seats.
"What was that?". My mothers fierce tone seems to echo throughout the car.
"YAY!" we all exclaim quickly. My father puts the key in the ignition, and the car roars to life. A car horn blares behind us. I turn to see the moving truck. I almost forgot they were going to have to follow us all the way there.
I turn back to the front and catch Jacob staring at me. He smiles then mouths, "I'm Batman" to me. I glare at him, then stare out the window, watching as the place I once called home disappears from my life, along with everything else I'm leaving behind here.
No, I need to stop. I need to leave those memories behind too. All my friends, all the things I've done in this town. Dang! I'm doing it again! Okay think of something else!
My name is Stephanie. I have two younger brothers, Billy and Jacob. Jacob normally role-plays as Batman, and I think it's just to annoy me. Bill role-plays as the butler, Alfred, but I don't know why. And I'm moving to a place called Gotham. Yea, like in the movies. I guess it's a real place. But I know for a fact Batman, and the Joker and those people aren't real. Jacob begs to differ though.
All week all he's been talking about how he's going to meet Batman and be his new sidekick and blah, blah, blah. It's driving me up the wall! Then Bill says he'll be their own personal butler. I watch as houses and cars dash past ours, going the opposite direction, back towards my true home.
"You guys excited?" my father asks again. I grab my IPod from out of my pocket and put the headphones in. "New places to go, new people to meet.....". The sound of my fathers voice gets drowned out by music. I watch as trees zoom past outside my window, and listen to the music. I hear the muffling of Jacob's voice, probably talking about Batman or something like that again, but it just changes back to, "I'm Awake! I'm Alive!". I can feel my eyes starting to droop. I lay my head back, and slowly start to drift off.
When I wake up, I knew that we were far from my old home. The green trees have been replaced with soaring skyscrapers. The soft grass is replaced by rock-hard cement. Cars and people flood the streets.
"This place is awesome!" I hear Jacob say. He's right. I'm not much of a city girl but, this place is impressive.
"It looks just like it does in the movies!" Bill says.
"Yep kids," my dad says, "Welcome to Gotham City!"

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