WHAT THIS CONTEST IS ABOUT- Everyone is 2-face, and have more than one side. Can you find all your split personalities? CAN YOU POSSIBALLY DO IT?????????? tickle our humer bone (humerus to be exact) ifu can!

Chapter 1


Hypy - The hyper guy screaming at you in the intro...
Saraklei"btlorchikthaphiart 37 2/3 - Some of my personalities emerge from books. Sarakleibtlorchikthaphiart (Saraklei for short) is on of these.- Hes crazy, gullible, cookoo, hyper, and very very very very very very very very very..........um ...oh yes! he has short term memory loss!!

Clowny- that dying clown inside my who is trying to make you laugh =/
Sacob- corndog version of me!
Sacorn- popcorn version of me!
Swimmy Sakibleton!!- um.........fishy version of me?
Dawnhunter- somewhere out there lives a lone orphan cat called dawnhunter. He's lonely, his world gray and sad until one day he met a kittypet named Lilly.Thats when the adventures begin!
Poe- the poetic one. Of course litterature fans will so fall for the hint of Edgar Allen POE who wasn't a very happy writer.......
MUSE!- no not MOOOSE!!!!!! A muse is a greek goddess of inspiration. I get inspired so much! In fact i made another game!! friends groan in background
Pan II- ever since 6 grade, i got a wierd tug toward leaves...in fact i made mmy whole 7th grade color project out of leaves!!! I would like pan to be my dad since he rules my zodiac sign plus the god most like me. Sure I'm smart but thats it =/
Pitying Pete is the only reason why i am not a mass murderer. He reckons "well there someone out there in the multiverse who is a serial killer so i might as well pity those fools..."
Toma- yes i know I'm an old fashioned nerd but really i think there was someone in there (My humerus ) who always wanted to be stubborn, arrogant, athletic jock. And to those who get this phrase-that was my tomas side ^-^
Phil- is very philophisical. He's the one who stops me in the middle of laughing and says "Isn't it wierd how time flows?" He is currently dating Muse.
Samuel- if i was all-american my name will be samuel. He's another character who emerged from a story.
BIKAS- that strange white hair, blue skin boy who lives down there (u know in australia) that always seems to know the answer to everything......
Bob- Ah Bob Good old I-will-kill- you-while-your-sleeping Bob @-@
@-@ Run far away if you see me type this face.
Arty- that careful person every artist had........
Whity- she likes to write
Sara- that little tiny weeny teensy musical singy voice in my head. She has probably died a thousand times (ITS NOT MY FAULT IM NOT GOOD AT MUSIC AND SHATTERED A WINDOW!!!)
Creeper- the guy who found my profile picture.......
NOM-likes to eat, is always hungry.....is a windigo (Cannibal)


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