Please Read! Im Begging You! Something Happened, Kat's Not Going To Be On.


Chapter 1

She's really sad.

Okay, so those of you who read her story about the reason she was gone, she didn't post the next chapter in really explaining it because she was really having a good time with me and her new friends in Cali, and didn't want to think about Tommy anymore, her older brother who was taking care of her.

Well, for those of you who don't know, Tommy got shot three times in the stomach because some people were after him and he wanted to protect Katty and send her here to live with her uncle, somebody she knew nothing about, who's still working on adopting her even though she hates him.

She hasn't heard from her brother in two weeks, and probably never will, but she heard from Carmichael(Car) a friend of Tommy and Kat's.
He said that Tommy wasn't getting better at all.
His condition was still the same last she saw him, and he wasn't doing good at all last time she saw him.

She's been crying like crazy and is really sad for her brother, and she can't even speak to her six year old sister, Rosalie, who's in Minnesota right now for her protection.
She saw a picture of her and won't stop crying.

She's just lying on her couch and staring out her window right now, she hasn't really smiled in thirteen hours and i'm really worried about her, she won't talk to anybody but me and she needs to be cheered up.

Please, it hurts so much to see her this way.

So will you please please please leave comments about how strong she needs to be? Please, she needs positivity right now and she isn't getting any from me.

Please, she really needs some consolation and i'm extremely worried about her. It hurts so juch to see her cry and know I can't do anything to help her.

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