Welcome to my Life-- A story (don't read if you are friends with my new account)

Welcome to my Life-- A story (don't read if you are friends with my new account)

Four kids with four very different lifes. But after one death, read about how all these lives become one.

Gwendyln Kynterson- "the popular one"
Alicia Goldsmith- "the loner"
Rex Lane- "the bad boy"
Harold Oferinellis- "the fat kid"

To see a larger version of the cover title, look in my photo album

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Chapter 2

Do you ever feel out of place?

WARNING: Some suggestive sexual content and teenage alcohol use

Rex slithers around the different people that he doesn't know and has never gotten the chance to meet. However, he has never been one with small limbs. His elbow jabs into someone's side and his foot steps on someones toes. People start cursing and yelling for him to be more careful.

This isn't Rex's scene. He doesn't even know why he's here. Oh, wait, he does know why. Would a normal teenager want to stay at home with his drunken and abusive father or go to a party with just about everybody in the school? That's right, numero uno.

Rex doesn't understand why this party is happening in the first place, though. A freakin' girl in his grade just died! Why the host of this party hasn't cancelled it is beyond his craziest thoughts. Being the expelled-three-times guy, he has a ton of insane ideas, but this soars above all of his mentality.

Maybe he should go home. It's not like he knows anyone here, anyways. Rex stops in his steps and turns the other way. That's when his eyes catch the most popular girl taking five cans of beer and chugging them like they are Gatorade. He rolls his eyes at the stupid move and is about to continue on his way, when he sees another drunken guy come up to her. His fingers latch onto the loops in her jeans as he pulls her closer to him. His lips crash onto her mouth and his hands float up her shirt. She squirms uncomfortably, but returns the gesture, too drunk to fight back.

Rex can't just stand there and watch the girl get used like toliet paper. He pushes through everyone else, not caring about their hollers and comes up to the pair making out. Rex's rough hand lands on the guy's shoulder and he jerks the guy to face him.

Might as well live up to his reputation. Rex uses his free hand to punch the guy across his face and brings his knee to the drunken boy's gut. The kid's feet carry him backwards and he heels over to vomit up the beer. The room around him has gone completely quiet.

Yep, definitely not his scene. He grabs the girl by her arm, but soon loosens his grip, not wanting to bruise her. He moves past the silence and stares, leaving the party to it's own destruction.

He releases her arm once they get outside. "WHAT do yooou," Gwen slurs, sticking a finger into his chest, "think you are doing?" She then gasps and grins. "You want some too, don't you? Like every other guy. Okay, I'll give you something." She leans closer to him, meaning to plant a wet one on his lips.

As much as he wants this beautiful girl to kiss him, he keeps her back with his hand. "You should get home." She tilts her head, pouting her full lips.

"I don't want to go home. I want to be with you. You and you and you. I know you want me, too. I can see it in your eyes." She squints her eyes, making them a more colorful blue. She leans in closer to Rex.

Again, he pushes her back. "Listen," he uses both of her hands to stabilize her, "Go home. I'm starting to regret saving your tiny ass." He pulls away his hands and nods firmly.

"You may be the first guy I know that doesn't want to sleep with me. Do you think I'm not pretty? Am I not pretty enough for yoooo...?" Her sentence trails off as her eyes roll backwards and she faints onto the floor.

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