for my sis and partner in crime, Angie.

i put this (well some of it) on her profile, but at the risk of her not seeing it....

Chapter 1

I luff yew :3

by: UnLoved
everything will turn out fine with the family and everything, plus your BF has your back and Poet is there to be fluffy for you.

And i want you to FORGET about those hater girls. They're nothing. Dust in the wind.

You're smarter, more mature, prettier (inside AND out), and all around perfect.

They're shallow, good-for-nothing, drama starting, immature, and show no class whatsoever. You're above those girls. We all are.

Your stories were great, i'm sad you deleted them. So were your poems. I hope you put up more, or put some of them back up. Especially passive-agressive teenage dreams. I know for a fact it was in at least 4 user's favorites, not including mine.

The point is, that you don't need to change for anybody else for any reason, you don't have to put up with negative energy, and you don't have to let anyone speak to you in a rude way or say awful things that arn't true.

Your true friends love you, and always will. Trust me, i'm your bro.


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