Crushing Force [One Direction Fanfiction]

Crushing Force [One Direction Fanfiction]

(Note: This isn't meant to be my best piece. xD Honestly, it's supposed to be bad.)

Chapter 1


'America. A horrible, despicable place. But home.' Zaira Stevens thought to herself. She was sitting in her office, the air conditioner on full blast. The law firm was pretty quiet this day. The boss of the place took all the male lawyers on a cruise, leaving the women lawyers to take the cases that came in. That left two women; Zaira, and a petite red head, Angeline. Their secretaries were there to keep organizing papers and such luckily enough.

Angeline, Angie for short, popped her head into Zaira's office and smiles at her shyly.

"I'm going to head out and grab some lunch. Do you want anything?"

"Salad would be good." Zaira never looked up from her book she was reading, Pride and Prejudice, trying to decipher the words and the meanings.

There was a knock on Zaira's door, and she looks up to see her secretary, Danny, a woman of her early thirties, sticking her head into the office.

"Miss Stevens, a group of people are in need of your expertise." Zaira looked up, frowning and nods.

"Send them in, Danny."


"So the girl's mother is suing you because the girl got into a car accident after the concert?"
Two boys sat in front of the blond woman. Three stood behind them, and a man was blocking the door, making Zaira nervous.

"That's what Harry just said." piped in the boy brunette with funky looking, but straightened slightly, hair and stripes.

Zaira shot the boy a sharp look, receiving snickers from the other two boys standing in the back.

"I am well aware of that, mister...?"

"Tomlinson." The boy glanced at the others and grinned.

"Behave, Louis." the man scolded the boy. He was obviously the man of control within this group.

The curly haired, green eyed boy then tapped on her desk, glancing at the name platter on her desk before looking back over at her.

"Miss Stevens, could you please help us?" Zaira leaned back in her seat, tapping her chin.


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