Top 20 Screamo/Hardcore/Punk/Emo Bands

Top 20 Screamo/Hardcore/Punk/Emo Bands

List your top 20 favorite screamo/punk/emo bands. (Put your name as the Chapter Title)

Chapter 1


Okay these aren't gonna be in order but still...
1) Brokenyde
2) BOTDF (Blood on the Dance Floor)
3) Bring Me the Horizon
4) Eyes Set to Kill
5) Of Mice & Men
6) I See Stars
7) A Day to Remember
8) Blessthefall
9) Escape the Fate (with Ronnie)
10) Underoath
11) Attack Attack!
12) The Used
13) I Set My Friends on Fire
14) MCR (My Chemical Romance)
15) Miss May I (Eat Me While Im Hot)
16) All Time Low
17) Paramore
18) Evanessance
19) Three Days Grace
20) 30 Seconds to Mars


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