My Most Random Movie Moments

My friends/families most random moments/outbursts in movie theaters. I'm pretty sure we would be arrested for half the stuff we've done......oh well.

Chapter 3

#3: Step-Up Revolution

So, my friend and I went to see Step-Up Revolution a few weeks ago. The theater was pretty empty, so we went up to the very top, and I realized that I was sitting right underneath the production thingy. I whispered to my friend, "Hey, I'm gonna do little puppets with my hands over the production screen!"
She said no, and I figured we'd get thrown out so I didn't do it. I was still a little mad that she wouldn't let me do that, so instead, right in the middle of the movie, during a dance scene, I stood up and started break dancing all around my row. My friend lost it, and I did that throughout the whole scene. Then sat back down the rest of the movie. We were in the very top, so the people below us didn't notice (thank god!). It was still pretty fun though. Now my friend wants to take me to every movie she goes see. ;)

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