Not very important... Unless you want me to stay on quibblo...

Chapter 1


by: FerSure
Oh well I guess I won't be leaving quibblo... Guess who I found?-.- yes, my stalker and best friend, Bianca... And her sister... And she's had a quibblo for a month now and she hadn't told a thing to me!!! Oh well, if she ever comes back for vacation, guess who'll be waiting at the airport with a torture machine :D

And well to everyone who remembers the friend who moved-thing...I GOT A NEW FRIEND!! (no, he will never replace you, Gingy(XD hi-5 me here, patricia) ...hes new at school and he's in my class... And he's 14!(finally, I'm not the only little kid!) ...Anddd he also says I sound like Kesha! Weird! Lol WHY do people say I sound like Kesha... Well don't worry bout meh!



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