My sister and I's funny conversations....


C- me
S- my sister

Chapter 1

Let the weirdness....begin!

by: Carrie_
(Awesome touche moment...)

S- What time did you wake up today?
C- Well first I woke up at like 6 and 8 and 11:14. I got out of bed at 12.
S-What did you do for 45 minutes? Go back to sleep or stay awake?
C- Hmm... both.
S- ........You can't be sleeping and awake at the same time!
C- Yeah. Its called being half asleep.
S- ............touche.....
C- :D


C- Ok, give me a topic.
S- Poop.
C- No, a different topic.
S- Pee.
C- chuckles NEVERMIND


(My sister showed me a video of a Spanish rap thing from a show)
S- sings Donde. esta. la biblioteca?
C- O.O
S- I don't know the rest...
C- You don't know?
S- No. That's the only part I know.

Keeps singing that line over and over again for days....


^Watch it!!! Its pretty cool. XD


(offers me a sip of her Peach Tea)

C-I don't like peach tea
S- Well peach tea doesn't like you!
C- whimpers (lol)


S- Go get mail.
C- But mail didn't come yet.
S- I see it down the street.
C- goes get mail GOOEY! comes back inside
S- I know. I told you I was kidding.
C- But you said you saw it!
S- I don't have my contacts in. I'm like blind...
C- You made me look like a fool out there! :(
S- >:)


and there's more to come! :)

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