Boy Next door (1D love story)

Hey y'all sorry if you hate the story but I was in a bored and I decided to make a Louis and Harry love story. It's about two best friends (Demitria and Natalie). Demi's father is a music producer. One day her father and mother go on a vacation for 3 MONTHS! Leaving the girls with their neighbors One Direction!...

Chapter 1

Our New Neighbors

Demitria Stevens (Demi for short)
Personality: sweet, caring, funny and kindest girl ever (once you get to know her). She is smart and loving. She's always there for you to cheer you up.

Natalie Benson
Personality: fun, sweet, random,smart and funny. She'll always make you smile.

Natalie's POV
I was in great dreams... Dreaming about being a unicorn....
"Wake up...! Wake up Natalieeee! Wake up wake up!" I was being attacked by..... My crazy best friend Demitria.
"What the...? It's the middle of the night!" I muttered.
"Ugh! You know our new neighbors? That just moved here? They are having a stupid house party and are a playing stupid music so loud!" She complained.
She was true because you could hear the thump thump from the base all the way from our house.
"Well maybe they'll quiet down a bit," I murmered still half asleep.
"Oh I'll make sure that they quite down!" Demi got up and put on her bunny slippers.
"Where are you going?" I mummbled again.
"To tell them to shoosh!" She hissed.
"You're usually so calm and sweet.... I like this crazy version of you!" I grinned putting n my slippers.
"It's only becuase I hate people ruining my beauty sleep," Demi said as we walked down the long flight of stairs. Did I mention Demi's parents are crazy rich! I'm staying with her for holiday.
"Yah I know how that feels," signaling to her that she shouldn't have woken me up!
We unlocked the door quietly and snuck out. The music was even more louder out here! I walked right upto the door with Demi next to me. It took us a while to decide who should knock on the door because we were both so scared!
In the ended on Demi and she knocked on the door.

Demitria's POV
I knocked on the door softly then harder so that they could hear. The door swung open and there stood an amazingly hot guy with dark brown hair and bluey eyes.
"Hello?" He asked as if he was asking what I wanted.
I was still looking at him in deep fantas....nooooo! You are here for serious stuff!
"Are you here to join the mad party! Woooh!" He cheered with an oddly loud voice. "You know I am THE Louis Tomlinson," he said.
"And I am THE person who is trying to get some sleep!" I sighed. Who did this guy think he was?
"And you are THE cutest person who has ever made superman PJs look adorable in THE world," he chuckled smirking. I blushed... Wait a minute I don't blush! Ever!
"Why are we emphasising THE word THE?" I asked annoyed.
"I don't know," he laughed. I rolled my eyes. Even if he was cute he was annoying.
"Well just keep the noise down!" I said back.
"We'll try," he smirked.
"See you later superwone," he grinned. I just tried not to laugh.
I just realised that Natalie was with me...

Natalie's POV
I had randomly joined the wild party. Yah it looked fun so I started dancing.
"Why hello bunny slippers," I heard somebody say from behind. I turned around and saw a cute guy with curly hair, dimples and green eyes. I blushed...
"I'm Harry," he introduced.
"I'm..." Soon I was being dragged out by Demi. We had walked back home and were lying in bed.
"Well I see that you got a crush on curly,"Demi cooed.
"Well I see you were getting along with someone pretty well," I teased.

Demi's POV
"Maybe he is my Superman or just the boy next door...."I sighed then realized that my friend was already doozed off...
Well I guess I know one thing! We have seriously (cute) annoying neighbors!

A/N first chapter done! The next is about her father and mom leaving and making the boys look after them... Tell me if you want more

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