The Lucky ones: One Direction group story

So, this is by me (Kylina) and babykaygrl (Kaia)!!!! I hope you enjoy! :D Please comment, and rate and critisice! :D

Chapter 1

Starting something (Kylina's POV)

Kaia was in my bedroom. She had not long climbed into my bedroom by the window for a ‘random’ sleepover! We have these random sleepovers a lot lately. It’s because we both lived right next to each other! We had also been best friends since Kindergarten! So, that was a very long time. To us it felt like we had been best friends forever. Funny thing was, she usually came here for the sleepovers, not the other way around. I don’t know why, it was probably because I always have my window open until I go to bed. So, she usually knows when I’m usually awake, so, if she’s bored, she usually comes by. For a sleepover, but mum never minds if she comes over because she quite likes Kaia! Well, she is the only person I live with, because I have no other family. But, also, mum, right now wouldn’t mind, because she’s dead. I have gotten over it, and I’ve been strong, and even lately Kaia has been living with me, to keep me company. She has been dead for a couple months now, and I have no one to look after me, and I don’t really want to go in foster care or anything like that, because soon I’ll be 18, so there is no point.
This morning I had heard on the radio that One Direction tickets had gone on sale, and they were now all sold out. Kaia and I both loved One Direction. I loved Zayn the most and she loved Niall. We both really wanted to go, but her parents had said a big fat NO! So, neither of us are allowed to go.
“I still can’t believe your parents said no” I tell her. We both look at each other.
“Neither can I” she says.
“I really want to go. Like, really want to. I want to see Zayn” I say dreamily,
“I want to see Niall” she says, smiling.
“Well, we like, need a plan to meet them, like we walk into their dressing room by accident and we say that we lost our mummy” I say, just rambling.
“Yeah, it’d be funny if we did that” Kaia laughs,
“But we would also get to meet the boys” I say.
“Good point” she tells me. Then we both look at each other seriously. There was one thing Kaia knew about me, that thing was that I am very, very different before my mother died. All of a sudden I had become more serious and responsible. Unlike before when I had been quite a lot more impulsive and wild. I had always been less responsible, and wild, optimistic and quite out-spoken, but I knew Kaia would always love me as a friend no matter what.
“I didn’t lose my mummy though, my mum died” I say standing up and looking out the window.
“Ky, I know that, but they could adopt you!” she says making everything better once again. I turn and look at her and smile.
“No, they couldn’t, Zayn could” I say smiling.
“See, you are in love with him” she says laughing.
“Yeah, yeah” I say laughing.
“Maybe, just maybe, we could come up with a plan to meet One Direction? I know we aren’t crazy obsessed, but I know we both would love to meet them” Kaia starts.
“They come in just over a week, maybe we could come up with a plan to meet them…” I keep going.
“Then……let’s get cracking” she says laughing. Then we go on to make a plan……….

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