This is for all the girls. I suggest you read girls (boys can if you want)

This is for all the girls. I suggest you read girls (boys can if you want)

it's like a second part of my quiz

Chapter 1

Go to this pic. Please.

Every girl is beatiful. No matter what people say. You will grow in your beauty. If you haven't yet. Trust me, everyone has something that makes them beatiful. One thing or another. I know how most girls feel about not beening pretty. Everything comes at it's right time. I would never believe i was beatiful. I thought i always thought i was ugly. Till my guy friend convienced me other wise. I have always been a prep.I don't care about labels. I have been told i'm hot and beatiful. But wats beauty. My friend Jared told me it was in your heart. Isreal my other friend said,"What makes you attravie" I laughed since he's a player. But i look at my friends now, the ones i grow up with didn't believe in beauty but now there really pretty or handsome. Because they weren't stuck up. Were still friends for about more than 10 years each. I like what my cousin Favian told me before the best. Every girl has beauty,but it's there chose if they show it or not.
i smiled when i saw this pic. It's like the kinda stuff my guy friends say. All the jocks at my school say this, and there my friends. My cousin favian will say eww to most things as a joke but when you ask him about it he gets serious. My jock cousin
love you guys
ps. thanks all my friends who have supported me. I would make a shout out but that will take forever.
your caring friend


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