Prospering Light~ A group story

A group story made by me and katty1989. <-- Add her!! Jade is really nice!!

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Chapter 4

A Blast From The Past

Once I got home, I looked around. Making sure I was truely alone then grabbed the house key from my purse, feeling old gum wrappers and coins. Quickly fumbling the key into the small lock and slamming the door behind me.

I moaned lightly and turned around gradually. Placing my back against the door and felt myself sliding down. When I hit the wooden floor, I pulled out my feet from beneath me and stayed there. Drawing in a gulp of oxygen, I clunched my purse tighter.

"Could that have been any louder? You almost gave me a heart-attack." came a familar voice. I jumped up and tried backing away more into the door, as if I would somehow get outside. I slowly lifted my eyes to the top stair.

"Hey stranger," I smiled and laughed

"Come here and give your big cousin a hug! I havnt seen you in 2 months!" exclaimed Andrew as he made his way down-stairs and towards the front door. I threw my backpack to the ground and ran over to him, practically knocking him over. We laughed and I pushed my head into his chest, feeling something I havn't felt in a while. Safety.

Andrew was my cousin on my mom's side but we were always so close. He was like an older brother but a few months ago, he got accepted to a collage in Vancouver. It's been pretty lonely here now that I think about it. I missed him and all those times we had together.

"I missed you so much, how's everything? Collage life everything you thought it might be?" As i nudged Andrew playfully and walked over to the window. I spotted Mrs. Sara, our neighbor, walking her dog Tipsy.

"Yeah, it's been amazing. Lots if girls.. if you know what I mean," Andrew replied

I rolled my eyes and looked up at him,"Those poor innocent girls, not being able to sleep at night with the thought that your on the campus."

"They love me, I know. It's expected when you got a face like this," he said back, laughing softly and putting wrapping his arm over my shoulder

"When did your flight come in?" I asked as he went to the front door to pick up my bookbag and lead me upstairs.

"About an hour ago, I wanted to get here before you got out from school. How's Aven? She still on the cheerleading squad?" He opened my bedroom door for me and the smell of hairspray and apples came to greet us.

"Yeah, shes doing fine. Her dad is going to buy her a new car in a few months so shes very excited. Aven actually is the head-cheerleader now. Why do you miss her and those nights we spent together at the lake?" I teased him and jumped up on my black, blue, and white leaf comforter.

"Those nights were amazing, I remember when all of her marshmellows kept falling in the fire. Good times.. Hows Ellie and Richard?" As Andrew looked around my room, inspecting it and trying to find a place to sit. He settled on the edge of my bed. I smiled because being with him made me forgot what has been happening. He is apart of my life, and I feel like I can tell him anything.

"Mom is still the same, working all day long. She just got promoted, which is good I guess. But now she comes home later and I hate being alone for hours." I admitted to him truthfully,"Dad is acturally in Maine right now, his case just got more complicated so he need more clues about this women who claims it was her husband."

Mom used to be a assistant nurse but now she is a licensed nurse, which she has been working on for years. And dad is a defense attorney, I've always hated his job the most. The men that he has protected in the past have truely done something wrong but it's his job to defend them.

Andrew smiled at me and scooted closer to give me a big bear hug.

"It's all-good, at least they pay alot. And more money means more parties we can throw." he said with a sly smile on the corners of his lips

"As if Andrew!" I shouted with a grin forming on my face

"Hey I got to run, Jacob wants me to go over to his house to just catch up but I will be back here later on tonight." he said slowly, hoping I wouldn't get angry. I wasn't mad but I didn't want to be alone again

"The rooms here are cheaper then a hotel," Andrew said playfully as he stood up and started to walk out of the door

"Don't use my shampoo while you are here! And room service is not free."I called back as I heard his footsteps jogging down the stairs, echo through the house

"Why would I use your shampoo! I would smell like flowers and rainbows, that is the last thing i want a girl to smell. See ya later, text me if you need anything!" he yelled back and closed the door behind him

"Bye," I whispered to where he sat earlier and groaned before getting up. I trudged over to where Andrew dropped my backpack and brought it to my bed. As I reached into my neon lime-green bookbag and pulled out my binders, I looked around the room. It was eerie and silent, I felt like I was being watched.

So I reached under my pillow until I found my small nano and earphones. I started my Physic homework and listened to Katy Perry songs on repeat.

"It's going to be a long night," I muttered

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