Prospering Light~ A group story

A group story made by me and katty1989. <-- Add her!! Jade is really nice!!

Anyways... Do the three "r's"!! Read, rate, and reply to the story!!

Chapter 3

Another job on Earth

Gabriel's POV

I should've seen it coming. It's my job, after all.

Being an angel has never been easy on me. I have had to decide on placement for all these humans, keep a lot of them alive, and even kick out some demons. There is a very good reason why the Lord trusts me with His most secretive buisness.

"Gabriel." His voice rings and radiates throughout the entire room when I walk in, causing a chill to run up my spine. I bow in front of Him, giving God the respect He deserves. "I've seen that you have exceeded with your main jobs recently. You've saved... how many more lives than the usual average?" Numbers flop and rotate in my head.

"676... or was it 767? One of those, sir." He looks at me with His holy eyes.

"I need you to go down to Earth. I've sensed... some darkness. You must sense it too, don't you, Gabriel?" The Lord places a hand on my shoulder and I jolt back by the electrifying shock of evil. "I want you to go down and fix this. I have faith that you will do what's right and solve our small problem." I nod, obeying the order.

I leave Him and go to the gates of Heaven. Everytime I have passed from our world to theirs, I experience immense pain. However, I have no choice now for the fate of their world is in this trip.

I open the gates and bounce off the clouds, plummeting to the Earth.

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