My Collection of Orginal One-Shots

Chapter 1

You and me, always between the lines

"Untill now, he told me her name, it sounded familier in a way. I could have swore I heard him say it ten thousand times. Oh, if only I had been listening." The song continued from May's Ipod as she stared at the ceiling.

The last few days had felt like a dream. No, not a dream. A nightmare is more accurate. May had great plans. She was going to someday marry her boyfriend of three years, Devon Dauncey, go to collage in Californa while he moved out there to surf and they were going to live Happily Ever After. They were going to leave the small beach town of Carron, New Jearsey to never return.

But he cheated on her. He told her on the way home from senior prom, after May had already gotten accepted to Stanford and had an apartment waiting for her. And now she doesn't know if she should stay.

But he wants out, she knows it. She hear the tone of his voice when he talked about that girl, Eveline Razons. She remembers the way he said her name. She remembers that whole night, every second if that car ride home.

Devon and May were walking in the parking lot, still in their prom outfits. May couldn't stop laughing at Devon and his ridiculous tuxedo, with the orange tie that, she could now see, glowed in the dark. Devon couldn't stop thinking about how perfect May looked in her long blue dress. He opens the car door for May, gesturing dramtically as if she's entering a carriage, not a vintage Mustang. She kisses him on the cheek and hops in, still happy about her perfect night.

Devon sighs. There's no easy way to do what he's going to do. He just has to do it. He gets in the car and they leave the school behind.

"May." He begins, his voice all seriousness now "I have something I need to tell you." Devon doesn't want to do this. But it's decided. He had always loved Eveline, even when he thought he loved May. And he might not be in love with May, but he cares about her.

"What?" May questions. Her hopes get up, she wonders if he's going to propose. But his face is too stressed. He runs a hand through his dark, messy hair and takes a deep breath.

"There's no way to say this without sounding like a total jerk, but I've.....I'vebeencheatingonyou." He says the last part quickly, as if the words are going to explode.

May's face drops, and she holds back a sob. Is she dreaming. "You've been doing what ?" She hates how her voice cracks on what, hates how her eyes fill up with tears.

"Look, I'm sorry to ruin this night, and I'm sorry have done that. ButI don't know who I love anymore or what I should do, or anything." And he is sorry. Truly sorry that despite what he said, his heart is Eveline's. But he can't say it.

"Are we over?" May's voice stays steady, but it lacks her usual emotion, it sounds empty. This worries Devon more than it would if she was screaming at him.

Devon sighs again "I don't know." He admits.

She thinks for a minute, then, with a force she didn't know she could summon, she says "Stop the car."

"What?" Devon questions, confused.

"I said stop the fvcking car. I'm walking home. Now stop or I'm going to commando roll out of your car in my prom dress." She re-states. Devon doesn't question, he deserves all the hell he's going to get. He just stops the car. May exits, with tears streaming down her face.

She wonders what she did wrong. Why did he do this? He called her later, apoligizing again because she got lost on the way home. She didn't respond to all of that. She just asked for the name.

"Eveline. Eveline Razons." And despite the scenerio, he said the name with so much....with so much love in his voice that May had to hang up then and there so Devon wouldn't hear her sobbing.

It's been two days of back and forth in her mind. But really, she thinks as she looks up at the spinning fan, her decision is made. There is no choice. She may still love him, but his happiness is more important to her than her own feelings. So May takes a deep breath, and picks up her phone. She texts Devon only a few words, a simple "We're over. I'm sorry, but we're done.". She just wants him to be happy, she decides. She can still go out to Californa, still become a teacher, still never set another foot in Carron. Devon just won't be there for it.

May logs into Facebook, and searches for Eveline Razons. She finds a picture of her. She has blonde hair so unlike her own copper waves, blue eyes so unlike her brown, and she looks like a model. She seems sweet, for someone who helps boys cheat on their long-term girlfriends.

She hopes Eveline makes him happy. Even though May is upset, she hopes that Devon will be ok.

Her wishes, she also decided, will never be said out loud.

Leave unsaid, unspoken. Eyes wide shut, unopened. You and me, always between the lines.

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