Gone before you know it.

Gone before you know it.

there once was a boy who sought to be bigger with his 'love' Italy!!!

Everything belongs to their rightful owners!!! so don't file on order on me please?!

Chapter 1

Never leave you alone again!

"Italy! Italy!"
"Italy come back!!"
Italy tried to desperately run away from the terrifying nation. Trying to reach his house so he could lock himself inside. He missed his Grandfather, his brother,and the peaceful life he used to have. Now it was chaotic. So many people were dying and he could not do anything. His life was becoming a living hell. Holy roman Empire wanted him to come live with him but Italy did not. He feared that the Holy Roman Empire would get hurt just like how his grandfather did. Outside was the nation that Italy feared the most banging on the wooden door yelling at Italy to open the door. With horror written upon his face he huddled into a corner and tried to imagine the times he would just spent his time painting beautiful flowers that seemed to sway with every little movement the wind would throw. But on the outside Italy was shaking with anxiety, crying to himself, and trying to figure out why had his once peaceful world come crashing down.

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