The 'About Me' Profiles!

First ME, and then I've added OC's!

Chapter 1

MY (Danielle's) info

Hi! I'm Danielle, but I prefer that you call me Danime. I'm shy, I wait until someone comes up to me and say hello, rather than me going up to someone and say, "Hi, what's up?". I'm actually quite fun to be with once I get along. Most people view me as the silent type, but my friends know that I am funny, a bit talkative, and maybe a hint of annoyingness. I've always got A's and B's in my Report Cards, and 6th grade was my first year of getting straight A's in all semesters :). Most of the time I am neutral, so I don't go against things, or go with, unless I HAVE to. I have a lot of imaginative stuff in my head, for example, fanfiction. My imagination doesn't get me bored, in fact, I never know what's going to happen next!

Area- I'm currently making the imagination world into the real world :P

Birthday- April 4 (same birthday as Diamond from Pokemon Adventures! XD)

Age(when this was made)- 13

Nickname- Danime (I'd like to be called that)

Location- Like I'd tell you THAT! Well, I'm 10 minutes away from Disney WORLD, so that tells you that I live in Florida.

Height- 5"2

Weight- 85 lbs...

Hair Color- Natural Black Hair

Eye Color- Dark Brown (looks black)

Ethnicity- Asian-American (both of my parents are Asian, and I was born in America).

Favorite Colors- Black, purple, blue, (maybe) orange and green...

Least Favorite Colors- Hmm... I don't go against colors, but the colors I don't really go with are pink, yellow, brown, and bright BRIGHT colors (my eyes!)

Favorite Foods- Filipino and Japanese foods. I like Sinigang (Filipino) and Nigiri (Japanese). I also like vanilla ice cream!

Least Favorite Foods- Well... pickles, mushrooms, cucumbers... I'm not picky anyways.

I can speak- Filipino and English.

Favorite TV shows- Hetalia(my parents are going to kill me if they find out I'm watching TV-MA :P), Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Avatar: The Last Airbender (I didn't like the movie. The animated TV show was way better!).

Favorite TV/Book Genres- Comedy, romance, suspense, adventure, action.

Favorite Music Genres- Alternative rock, pop, music with no lyrics (Example: Pokemon GAMES Music)

Singers/Bands- Well, when it comes to favorite singers/bands, I don't go against any of them, but I like Crush 40, Zebrahead, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, Three Days Grace, Paramore, and Gotye.

Favorite Songs (with lyrics)- Misery Business (Paramore), Seven Rings in Hand (Crush 40), I Am All of Me (Crush 40), His World (both the Crush 40 and Zebrahead versions), Numb (Linkin Park), Bronte (Gotye), Endless Possibilities (Crush 40), and Reach for the Stars (Cash Cash).

Favorite Soundtrack (no lyrics. Most of them are from video games)- The Avengers theme, Wisp World (Sonic Colors), Lavender Town (Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver), Viridian Forest (HGSS), Hugh's Theme (Pokemon Black & White 2), Champion Cynthia Theme (Pokemon D/P/Pt), Frontier Brain Battle (Pokemon Pt/HGSS), Burgh Gym Theme (Pokemon BW2), and many, many others... ^_^

Siblings- My 6-year-old brother. He's kind of adorable, he's smart (for a 6-year-old), and he's fun to talk to.

Got any other questions? Just comment, and I'll reply :)

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