The Coal Miner's Daughter: A Hunger Games Fanfic

This is the story of the 2nd Quarter Quell told from the Point of View of sixteen year old Willow Hawthorne, one of the girls from the seam and Haymitch Abernathy's girlfriend.

Chapter 2

Saying Goodbyes

As we looked back at the stage, a thought hit me. They allowed the family and friends of the tributes to visit them. Still shaking, I pointed to the peacekeepers, tears still flowing from all three of our eyes as we were taken to where the tributes were taken, seeing Philippe's sister crying like Summer, Dawn, and I had, her mother comforting her. "Philly will be alright, Rose," she lied to her daughter, tears coming from her eyes. She knew that it wasn't, but had to comfort her. Summer and Dawn looked at her with a bit of anger. There was no chance that a single one of them will make it out of the games alive. As the door to seeing my best friend and my boyfriend was opened, the three of us bolted in as quickly as we could, visiting Maysilee.
"MAYSILEE!!!" the three of us shouted, a peacekeeper looking at us, standing guard. Summer, Dawn, and I calmed down, hugging May who looked as pale as a ghost, her face gaunt.
"Maysee..." Summer whispered the nickname to her sister, her eyes a bit red from crying. "Promise us that you'll win? Promise me that you will?" she gripped her sister's hand and my hand, as I grabbed Dawn's hand and she grabbed Maysilee's hand, the four of us forming a circle, our foreheads meeting in the center.
"I promise you guys that I will," she whispered in reply as Summer put something in her hand.
"Stay safe," her sister pulled her into another hug as we were lead out by the peackeepers.
"Wait," I told the head one. "I also need to see Haymitch Abernathy. He's my boyfriend and I thought all family and friends were allowed to visit," I said bravely, holding my head up high. He grumbled as he lead me down a long hallway to a maple door.
"Here," he grunted out, his balding head looking strange with his red face. I thanked him as I opened the door, seeing Haymitch with his strong hands burying his face. My previous tears for Maysilee resurfaced when I saw him, this strong boy scared.
"H-haymitch?" I started as he unburied his face, getting up and embracing me.
"Willow," he whispered into my ear as I buried my face into his shoulder. "I'm scared I'll never see you again. The games..." he shook a little bit as tears fell on his shoulder.
"You'll be fine, you'll survive," I barely got out, trying to stay as strong as I can. Pulling away, I unlatched my necklace, the one that was his favourite. "I want you to keep this in the games," the words coming out as I handed it to him, the gem shining.
"Take it and keep it with you," I weakly grinned as another peacekeeper motioned that it was time to go. "I love you Haymitch," I whispered as we kissed, only breaking when the peacekeeper dragged me out.
"We have a schedule to keep, girl," he snapped at me, dragging me back out of the building. Wiping my face, I spotted Dawn and Summer, going over to them.
Everyone was lined up right outside of town, watching the tributes go into the train. The last thing that the tributes would see are the solumn faces of the district as the train left for the Capitol, like animals for slaughter.

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