The Coal Miner's Daughter: A Hunger Games Fanfic

This is the story of the 2nd Quarter Quell told from the Point of View of sixteen year old Willow Hawthorne, one of the girls from the seam and Haymitch Abernathy's girlfriend.

Chapter 1

The Reaping

I looked at my mom as she frowned slightly at the twigs still in my hair and the leaves in Basil's hair. I put our bows in our rooms as mom sighed. We weren't supposed to hunt in the districts, for it was illegal in the districts of Panem.
"Willow, I'm assuming that you are washing up before the reaping," she said, setting out my hair ribbons and Basil's shirt.
"Yes mom," I called, getting soap and and scrubbing everything that I can within a reasonable time. I took the twigs out of my long brown hair and scrubbed my hair. About ten minutes later, I dried off and put on the light blue dress that I wore for Reaping day. I looked in my mirror as I started to pull my long hair in a braid, light gray eyes flashing. Many boys at school had thought that I was quite beautiful and tried to get me to fall in love with them. Instead, I scoffed at this idea until I realized my love for Haymitch. Perhaps I'll see him today, I thought as I smiled into the mirror. I walked out, hearing Basil complain,
"Mom, I am seventeen. I can do my own hair!" he yelled causing a tear in Mom's eye. This was a hard year for us in district 12.This year was a Quarter Quell, meaning that four tributes were going in instead of the normal two. It was even rougher on my family, the family that needed the food the most. We were one of the poorest seam families and needed to apply for tesserae many times. My name was in the girl's reaping bowl My name was in there four times and Basil's was in there six times originally. After we applied for tesserae, my name was in there eleven times while Basil's is in there thirty times, for he applied for more. As Mom finished combing out Basil's hair, Dad came in from the coal mines. He saw me and was going to hug me, but stopped himself. He was quite filthy from the mines and didn't want to ruin my reaping clothes. Instead, he quickly kissed me on the cheek.
"The odds will be in your favor," he smiled before going to the washing room. He also held Mom's hand as she was starting to cry terribly hard.
"Don't cry mom," I said in a soothing voice, hugging her. She hugged back and kissed my forehead as she grabbed out her skinning knife and some berries that Basil and I had collected. She skinned our latest kill, a wild dog, as quick as she can, putting chunks of it on plates with the berries and getting out the bread that we had saved only for occasions like this. Father had come out of the bathroom, clean from all of the coal dust that had been on him a few minutes ago. We all held hands as we ate our meal, hoping for the best.
We all went to the square to get sorted out for the reaping. I saw my friends from school, Maysilee and Summer Donner with Dawn Denseed talking to each other. Even though I was from a different part of the District, I ended up taking a liking to the twins and Dawn, as their father bought the furs that came in from hunting and Dawn was fond of my strawberries. "Hi May! Hi Summer! Hi Dawn!" I called to them. They all turned and smiled slightly. All were quite cheery for the Games. Then again, I never saw an instant where any of us weren't. I ran up to them and we embraced tightly, knowing that the odds weren't in my favor at all. Dawn, Summer, and Maysilee were some of the lucky ones that didn't need tesserae and only had their names in a few times. "I just want this reaping to be over," Maysilee sighed, getting one of her blonde locks of hair out of her face.
"Me too," I nodded gloomily. We chattered aimlessly, from Summer's crush on Sage Undersee to Dawn's favoring of Cedar Everdeen to me dating Haymitch.
"Who's talking about me?" I heard a voice say. I turned and saw Haymitch, face cleaned up and dressed up. I bid my friends farewell and walked to him, hugging him tightly with tears in my eyes, as I had done during the last reaping where I lost my eldest brother to these games. I kissed his cheek as he squeezed my hand.
"It'll be alright. We'll have a victor, I promise," he said as we parted ways, waiting for the reaping to start. I was roped off far away from my friends, as they were all together.
"Eh-hm," a feminine voice said into the microphone. Dear lord. She was definitely from the Capitol, due to her long blue hair, greenish skin, and bright pink eyes, most likely contacts. "Welcome! Happy Hunger Games!" All was silent as she spoke in her Capitol voice. She looked at us and continued cheerfully, "May the odds be EVER in your favor." I almost laughed. Does it look like any of us have it in our favor? I wanted to wipe that grin off of her face and give her a lesson on District 12. But there were peacekeepers everywhere and I was positive that I would be shot if I even got out of line. She droned on, showing the same film that the Capitol had been showing the District long before I was born. It told the tale of Panem and its history. How the districts rebelled and how after we lost, District 13 being obliterated while the other twelve were given the most sadistic games in history: The Hunger Games. I watched her mouth over the lines as the movie went on. I almost giggled while I watched her but kept my cool. Finally, the movie was over and she cleared her throat. "Now, it is time for us to chose our tributes for this year, having the honor of representing District 12 in the 50th annual Hunger Games." She stopped and smiled her snakelike smile. I look over to Maysilee, Summer, and Dawn. They were looking at me, all of us having the same thing on our mind: Please don't choose us. "As usual, ladies first," she said, grabbing the bowl and mixing it. With a flick of her wrist, she picked the first tribute, reading it to herself. "Our first tribute is... Maysilee Donner!" Tears filled my eyes as she said this and a moan escaped my lips. One of my best friends was going into the games. I looked at her as she was in between a sobbing Dawn and Summer.
"Maysilee!" I cried out as the peacekeepers helped get Dawn and Summer off of her as she made her way to the stage.
"Our next female tribute is... Autumn Springs!" I saw a small fourteen year old girl walk up on the stage, her dark hair glistening and her gray eyes filling with tears. Her small frame shook as she got on next to Maysilee. "Next, our male tributes!" She traded the female reaping bowl for the male one and also mixed it around. "Our first male tribute is... Philippe Mackevans." A wiry fifteen year old boy with the seam look walked up to the stage. I heard the cries of his little sister and brother as he walked his death march up to the stage. "The final male tribute of District 12 is... Haymitch Abernathy!" Haymitch!
"NO!" I shrieked out. It was bad enough that my best friend was going into the games. But my best friend AND my boyfriend... that was too much. I ran into the end of the aisle as he went by me. "Haymitch..."
"I'll be fine. Trust me, I'll be okay," he replied, taking my hand and kissing it. He walked up to the stage as the reaper smirked with her purple lipsticked lips.
"Girlfriend of yours," she said, laughing. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. She swallowed and looked at the crowd. "Here we are! The tributes from District 12! Shake hands." All four of them looked at each other and shook hands. "Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!" They were led off and we were dismissed. I ran to Summer and Dawn as we all shook, crying to no end.

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