SandxFirexSpotted I want you to be mine

This is a short little story I wrote about Sandstorm, Firestar, and Spottedleaf.
I can somehow relate to how Sandstorm feels, which gives me a bit of a new respect for the character.
I hope you like it and please leave a comment :)

Chapter 1

Do you know how badly I want you to be mine?

Sandstorm padded along quietly. She was going out for a late night hunt because she couldn't sleep. Through the tall grass she could see the smallest of movement.
Mouse. She thought. Now she could smell it, the scent made her mouth water. After a few more moments, she attacked. It squeaked under her paws and she killed it with a single bite.
She dug a small hole and hid the mouse in there for later. She continued on for a while. She caught another mouse and hid it in the same spot. She crept on, a little farther out now. She glanced up past the trees to Silverpelt. All was quiet except for the light wind making the leaves on the trees brush together.
But then she heard something else. A voice? She pricked her ears and stalked to the sound. She could hear murmurs, but she couldn't understand them.
There was a cat's scent there, too. It didn't take her long to recognize that scent. Firestar.
There was another scent in the air, but it was so faint she barely noticed. She moved through the undergrowth and poked her head out from behind some bushes.
She saw that ginger pelt and smiled to herself. Then she looked at him confused, because he was the one who was talking, but no one else was there.
"I know we could never be...but..." Firestar spoke, having not noticed Sandstorm's presence.
Sandstorm looked around him, but still didn't see anyone. When she looked back at Firestar she stopped. There was someone beside him! If she didn't look hard enough, she couldn't see her.
Now she could see her. Her starry tortoiseshell coat. That scent she'd payed no mind to now had a name to go with it. Spottedleaf.
Her heart skipped a beat. It looked as if the Starclan medicine cat was nuzzling him. That made her flexed her claws, but she stayed quiet.
They exchanged a few more words that Sandstorm couldn't make out.
"Spottedleaf, do you know how badly I want you to be mine?" Firestar asked.
Sandstorm's eyes went wide as shock set in. She'd always known Firestar loved the medicine cat, but she thought that...She thought that she had his heart now. Not Spottedleaf.
Her heart beat rapidly in her chest and her eyes started to burn. She backed away quietly, then turned and sped away. She didn't want to listen to anymore.
As she ran she felt the tears in her eyes rapidly form and soon they started to fall.
She found a small hiding spot inclosed by undergrowth and a bramble thicket. She crawled inside and curled up. She let the tears stream down her face and allowed herself to cry.This is a good place, no one will see me cry if I stay here for a while. She told herself.
She kept replaying those words in her head.Spottedleaf, do you know how badly I want you to be mine?. Every time she thought that, a new set of tears burned her green eyes.
Why am I so upset? I know he loves her...but I... I want...I don't want her to have him. If there was anything she was going to be selfish about, it was Firstar, her mate. She defenatley did not want to share.
Maybe he wants her more because of how I acted when we were apprentices. He said it was okay, but is it really?

After a few more minutes she was finally able to make herself stop crying. It was one of the things she hated most was crying. She stayed curled up for a while longer. She didn't want there to be any evedince of her tears. But right now her puffy eyes would give them away.
She was so lost in her thoughts and in her pain that she didn't notice someone calling her name.
"Sandstorm?" She pricked her ears when she finally heard her name.
Go away, Firestar. She hissed to herself. She knew if would be futile to try and make him leave if he heard even the slightest sob in her voice. He was outside of her makeshift den. She had some of the undergrowth covering the entrance.
"Sandstorm, I know you're in there. Hey?" His voice was soft and concerned. Still, Sandstorm didn't speak. She half wanted to and half didn't. Besides, the lump in her throut was in the way of her voice. He was quiet for a while, and S-andstorm thought he might have left.
"Sandstorm? I'm coming in, okay?" Sandstorm burried her face in the grass beneath her as Firestar poked his head through the entrance, moving aside the leaves.
"Sandstorm?" She didn't speak. He nuzzled her and she turned away.
"Sandstorm, please talk to me. What's wrong?" Still she said nothing. She couldn't and she ddn't know how.
Firestar kept trying and kept trying but she wouldn't speak. Firestar was now extreamly worried.
"Please tell me what's bothering you? Please, Sandstorm?" Still nothing.
After a bit more of Sandstorm turning away, his eyes began to burn. "Come on, Sandstorm, you're killing me here."
You're one to talk! She thought to herself.
A few moments later, she finally spoke. "I...want want me." She said quietly. So quiet Firestar almost couldn't hear her.
"What? Why wouldn't I want you? What makes you think that?"
There was a long pause before she answered. "Spottedleaf."
Firestar looked at her sadly. "You know I love you.Spottedleaf can't come between us."
"Just like I can't come between you two." Sandstorm said, not looking at him.
"Sandstorm, you know I love her. Just like you love Dustpelt, But it's not the same." Firestar said, laying beside her.
"It is the same. I love Dustpelt as a friend, but you love Spottedleaf as... something else, I don't know. A mate?"
Firestar sighed. Well atleast she's talking to me now.
"You're my mate, Sandstorm. I can't help that I love Spottedleaf, too. But you have your own special place in my heart. I'll always be yours, and I'll always want you."
Spottedleaf, do you know how badly I want you to be mine? It replyed in her head again. Now she wasn't so sure what to believe about him.
"I guess you heard me and Spoittedleaf earlier. I'm sorry you heard that, you didn't deserve it. I do want you, even though I don't deserve you, and you desrve better. But I want you to be mine, and me to be yours. If you'll have me."
Sandstorm was quiet, afraid to believe him. She had to live with the fact that Spottedleaf had a piece of Firestar that Sandstorm will never have. But then, Sandstorm also has a peice of Firestar that Spottedleaf would never have. She looked at the hadsome ginger tom and his big green eyes.
"Will you?" He asked, reffering to what he said before.
"...Yes.." She said quietly.
"Sandstorm, I love you." He said, nuzzling her. A couple of tears slipped from his eyes. The fact that he was about to lose one of the most important things in his life is what did it.
"I love you, too." She whispered back.
"Promise?" He asked. Sandstorm nodded and they laid there together for a while. Finally, they got up and headed back for camp. Sandstorm picked up those two mice she caught earlier on the way.
She was truly happy that Firestar loved her, but she couldn't help but be upset when she thought about Spottedleaf. She tried to understand how he felt, but she couldn't help but wish it was only her he wanted.
When they got back to camp, she dropped the prey on the freshkill pile and went to Firestar's den with him. They curled up beside each other, now but very tired.
Spottedleaf, do you know how badly I want you to be mine? Sandstorm sighed as those stupid words echoed in her mind. She closed her eyes and felt sleep overcome her quickly. Though the words may never leave her mind, she knew she wanted only him, even if he wanted more than her. So she would take whatever she could get and kept him close to her heart. Always.


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