Everything About You (One Direction Love story)

Everything About You (One Direction Love story)

This is a group story with
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Chapter 1


Name: Autumn Pastron
Age: 18
Background: She is a cheerleader although she hates it, but her mom is making her because she use to be a cheerleader when she was in high school. She can be shy at first, but super loud when you get to know her. She is horrible at meeting new people and only has a few friends, but she can't really trust people, so she doesn't have any 'close' friends.
Looks: http://weheartit.com/entry/28821305

"Bye mom." I said kissing her cheek. She looked at me.
"Cheer leading practice today darling." I tried to smile, but nothing happened. I simply just said 'O.K' and went out the door.
It doesn't take long to walk to my school, but i'm to lazy in the morning. I car pool with my friend Jenny. I went to my curb were my mailbox is and waited, pulling out one of my favorite books, 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. It didn't take long for her to pool up and I hopped in. She smiled at me.
"Hey, Autumn! You going to Jake's party tonight?" Jake was one of those popular boys that hold the best party's every Saturday night. I don't enjoy doing that stuff. I shook my head.
"I need to study." I lied. She laughed at my comment.
"Live a little Autumn! Come on!" I sighed and put my attention back to my book.
"Whatever." She muttered hitting her hands on her steering wheel. Jenny was the head cheer leader and we were good friends, but she always try's to push me out of my comfort zone. She says that's what cheer leading is about. She is like one of those characters from the movie. She's nice and a awesome friend, bit can ruin you in a minute.

We pulled up to school and she was mobbed by crowds of people saying hi to her. She was like a celebrity to this high school. A couple of my friends said hi to me, but that's about it. I didn't like having a lot of friends. I would never trust them.
The only friend I can somewhat trust is Sheena. Were not considered 'close' friends, but she's the closest I got to a best friend. I walked into school ignoring stupid comments being thrown at me and stepped into my homeroom. My teacher, Mrs. Rizzo was at her desk marking grades on students parents.
"Hello, Mrs. Rizzo." I sighed. She was my favorite teacher and secretly I was her favorite student.
"Hi, Autumn. How are you?"
"Good. I guess you can say." I set down my backpack and fell on my chair.
"And your mom with her obsession over cheer leading."
"Still horrible." I joked. She smiled.
"Well class is about to start so get ready." I nodded and got out what I needed.
Class finally started and it was boring like always, but she cracked some jokes here and their making fun of her students. The day went on and then the worst part came. Cheer leading practice. I pulled on my uniform and went out to the field and lazily got in line.

Jenny was their hitting on some quarterback who was here to 'watch' us. She noticed we were all here and snapped back to reality. She came over to us and got serious.
"Okay girls! The football game is coming up and we need to do our best. I want to start with a pyramid! Autumn your up top." Of course i'm up top. The other girls climbed and I forced a smile on my face as I was lifted to the top. She examined us as we stood our ground.
"Okay good, now let's go over the routine." I was lifted down and Matt came over to us.
"Jenny can be such a bitch sometimes..." He said randomly. I gave him a confused look.
"You don't think I know?" I joked. He chuckled.
"Well, I should know. I use to go out with her." We both laughed as we listened to her.
Practice finally ended and she set us down to talk to us.
"Okay girls, so as you know Jake is having a party." Jake came next to her and smiled. He waved and winked. Ugh.
"And he wants you all to attend. So your going to go..." She demanded. My face looked shocked.
"What happens if you don't want to go?" I asked.
"Then your off the squad." She snickered. My jaw dropped. Off the squad. My mom would kill me.
Great i'm still stuck with cheer leading and I have to go to a stupid party...

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