Songs I like (Updated!)


I have a lot more but I'll give you a glimpse of what is on my Ipod....

Chapter 1

You should listen to them!!!!!

by: Carrie_
Songs that I like and songs that you should listen to. :) Some are inspirational and some are just for fun. Enjoy!

One Day Too Late- Skillet

Rebel Love Song- Black Veil Brides

Go- Boys Like Girls

Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
You have to listen to this!! ITS AWESOMEEEEEE

The Lonely- Christina Perri

S.A.D (Single Awareness Day)- Joseph Vincent

Haven't Had Enough- Marianas Trench
This song was stuck in my head for DAYS!! XD

That's it for now! :) I hope you listen to them! Bye

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