Poems to Idols (Awena is Back! :D)

Hey, hey! Guess whose back?! THIS GIRL. :D
Oh, and anyone can write in this. :3 Just request.

Chapter 1

Anyone can write

You were the one I looked up to
I admired you to the moon and back over a trillion times
But suddenly..
You weren't there
My beloved cousin was
To the heavens
Though it may hurt
I know you're fine
And I know it was your turn
And sooner or later it will be mine
But until then I want
you to know that
I love you

*dedicated to my cousin, Dakota who recently died in a car accident.*

We're all human
And people seem to forget that
When they lay their eyes
Upon someone who they think
Is beautiful
You name it.
What we, as young people,
Need to remember,
Is that though they are famous,
Celebrities are human too
They have emotions
They have family
Hate, obsession,
Anything could hurt
Be careful what you say and do,
haters and fans alike.

*Dedicated to One Direction, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Directioners, Directonators, Beliebers, Swifties.*

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