Serenity's Raven

Serenity isn't the most normal girl on the block, in fact she's the most weird and definitely the one to stay away from. She does have one friend, a pet, but it isn't a dog or a cat...

Chapter 1

Graveyard Spot

I didn't know how I got here, but for some reason, whenever school gets out. I find myself racing to this place.
The manger of the grounds never stops me, he's really old. His name's Jeremy apparently he is a war veteran and never really settled down, ya know? Anyways, Jeremy always shoos me out at 10:00 p.m, which is closing but even though I know he knows I hop over the gate. He never really comes around to stop me. I always walk around the old graves, Jeremy keeps the place really trimmed but he can't keep the graves as beautiful for long. The cracks and moss have covered most of the stones but the ones you can read are interesting enough for me. Not like anyone else ever comes around anyway. So I have the whole place for myself, the "whole place" being a cemetery. You may have gathered that though.
I lean against a willow tree on the biggest hill and wait, it's 9:30, that's when the Raven comes. He's a huge bird, bigger than the rest with electric violet eyes. I'm pretty sure he's a boy because of his cocky way of strutting around. He acts like most of the hot shots at my school.
Anyway the Raven always picks out the tree, and as soon as all the other ravens leave, he's a real sweetheart. I think he's like me, a tiger around all the "cool" idiots and then just a quiet thoughtful when no one's around to make fun. We always sit by this tree. He's up high in a branch, and I'm on the ground. He's always been around, since I've been, I don't know how long ravens live but I've been coming since I was ten, now I'm sixteen.
I'm a great drawer, and the Raven stars in most of my drawings. He's an awesome model, my art teacher Ms. Strew says I have real potential if I just tried to actually do the assignments to her perspective instead of all the "Gothic" scenes. Actually I do all my homework in the graveyard, and she says to draw what we see, and what I see is the graveyard. I am doing it right, but maybe next time I'll just try to draw the houses across the street to make her happy. After all Strew never really talks about me like the rest of the people at school. So it wouldn't be all that difficult to make a small difference in my work.
A loud shriek makes me look up, the Raven perched on the lowest branch, head cocked at an angle to look at the drawing I had just started of the children's graves. I smile and slowly lift it up as not to alert him. He caws once and then seem to strike a pose, giggling I flip to a new page and move to have him in front. It takes about an hour to draw it all perfectly in the dying light of the setting sun. Of course he did get to take a break when Jeremy waved me out and then locked up.
I always wait a good five minutes before heading back in. Even so, the Raven was still a very good model, stayed still for a long time, but as soon as it was done he hopped down to take a look. I ripped it out of my notebook and folded it. I was going to but it in my school bag but the Raven had other plans, he took it in his beak a flew off. I stood up, not all that mad about it, but tried to follow his flight in the growing night. I gave up after a bit and sat back down shoving the rest of my stuff into the bag. I wasn't about to forget anything here. That would be an awkward conversation with a teacher if I forgot my homework. They would scoff and call me a liar if I remotely tried to tell them I forgot it in a cemetery!


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