Hunger Games (24 AUTHORS NEEDED)!

This is a HG Grp story where one author will write from one tribute's point of view. It's going to be cr-aa-zy! I need one author for every tribute of each district. If you would like to sign up, pls comment and let me know. Thanks. :)

Chapter 3

District 1- Jasper

I wake up to a bouncing on my bed. It is my little sister Jade. It is her first reaping though you would never know it. She wasn't nervous. Maybe because she has been training for the games her whole life, just like me. Maybe because that she knows she would get volunteers.

You see I am a little intimidating. Ok really intimating. At 6'1 with mussels you can see even when I am wearing a shirt, a Career, and my good looks I kind of have intimidation down to an art.

I have dark blue eyes, and dark brown hair which I cut short. My features are handsome but are usually in a scowl.

Except around Jade. If it was possible to give her the moon I would. So even though I would die to be in the games Jade will never go. I either convinced or threatened the other girls to volunteer and if Jade refuses I told them to knock her out. She can't refuse while she is unconscious.

So if anyone but Jade woke me up by jumping on me I would probably kill them. With Jade I picked her up and swung her around.

"Jasper stop", Jade manages to say in between giggles. She isn't mad though. I put her down with a mock bow. "Yes my lady. You know that your wish is my command." Jade giggles and pushes back her blond hair that is so much like our mothers. We both have our dads dark blue eyes. If Jade had moms lighter blue she would look exactly like mom did when she was 12.

Jades stomach growls. I pick her up again and carry her down the stairs. "Breakfast my lady." I say setting her down with a flourish.

While my family eats I think about today. I am going to volunteer if I am not choosen. I am 17 and I am strong, fast, smart, and powerful enough for the games. I will win.

"Good luck Jasper", Jade says squeezing my hand. Jade is in a emerald green, silk dress with silver thread weaving in and out. If you looked at the dress in a certain way the fabric looked like it was moving. She had her hair in intricate curls on top of her head with a jade comb holding them in place. Her make up was lightly done with silver accents. While Jade gets her finger pricked I glare at Amber. Amber was first in line to volunteer for Jade if nesacery.

I love her more than anything in the world. Some would say she was my weakness. Others would say she is my humanity. But to me she is life.

"Jasper she will be fine. She is a Career and I honestly don't want to die. If I don't volunteer for her I am pretty sure you will kill me." Amber says while I get my finger pricked. "And you call yourself a Career", I mumble.

"Jasper Flint! You know that is not fair! You are one of the best ones in training!" Then grinding her teeth and grimancing like it hurt her to say. "I am not one of the best." She flinched. "But I am not the worst." She looks over at a girl who was still dressed nicely. To nice for other Districts, a little to plain for here and the Capitol but still nice. "At least I am a Career."

I never understood girls. Why are they so mean. Its not like she was especially weak. That would be a decent cause to hate on. "Aw come on Amber. Its not her fault she is poor." But I can tell by the look Amber gave me that she does believe that it is her fault.

"Aquamarine Reel." I see her walk up to the stage. Nobody volunteers. Why doesn't anybody volunteer? Volunteering is common here. It is more common in 2 and a little less common in 4 but we are one of the Career Districts. We always have volunteers.

I hear some laughter and I see Amber and a couple other girls, including Ebony smirking. Ebony is as infulential as me and if I had to guess I would say she threatened or convinced the other girls not to volunteer. I will admit that girl is scary.

Now it is the boys turn. I hear a name being called. I reconize the name. He was a 15 year old in training. Without thinking I run to the middle of the isle while shouting, "I volunteer!"

The District One Capitol Agent looks at the boy. He doesn't say anything. He gets off the stage.

"What is your name?" I am asked. I have my scowl back on, using my perfect gift of intimation. This will terrify the other tributes. I flex my mussels. "Jasper Flint" I growl.

"Give it up for the tributes of District One! Aquamarine Reel and Jasper Flint!"

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