In love with a Hollow?! (Hichigo One-shot)

~Have fun and enjoy. ^^~

Chapter 1

Fighting feelings (Hichigo oneshot)

by: Seeha
Where is he? I panted looking around me, but all I could see were the tall blue buildings and the sky. But no sign of the white hollow.

I gripped Mekajiki tightly, The black and silver blade glistening. Something moved across the silver side, I leaned closer.

What the? I tilted my head to the side. Of course I looked up.

There was the hollow sitting crisscrossed, wearing a huge grin, and a glint his his black and yellow eyes.

"Did it really take ya that long to find me?" He laughed.

I glared at him growling, "Shut up!" I lunged at him, gripping Mekajiki in both hands. he blocked it.

"Aww don't be mad now," He shoved his sword forward, so I stumbled backwards alittle. He suddenly got this crazed look on his face "When I kill you!" He laughed, swinging his sword, I jumped back the tip of it almost scraping the my nose.

This guy's a pycho! I dodged another attack, floating back to the building's roof.

"You might as well give up," He look down at me his sword over his shoulder. "There's no way you can defeat me."

"What makes you think that?" I snapped.

He just grinned "You don't have that killer instinct."

My mouth dropped open what's he talking about? I kill hollows all the time he's no different, right? I looked down, loosening my grip on Mekajiki. What's different this time? Is it because he looks like Ichigo? I thought. I've always had a soft spot for Ichigo that's why I never yelled at him unlike Renji and the others.

"Another mistake! Letting your guard down!"

I snapped my head up, the hollow was right in front of me. Before I could do anything, his sword knocked mine out of my grasp.

"Mekaj-Gah!" a hand grabbed my throat, squeezing tightly, lifting me up.

"So foolish." The hollow pulled me close to his face til our noses brushed.

"Put me down Hollow!" I lashed, out missing his gut by a few inches. He gripped my throat tighter.

"My name's Hichigo," He chuckled, "What's yours?"

I stared at him shocked Why the h3ll is he asking me for my name? What's wrong with him? Why isn't he killing me? his hand tightened.

"My name's Rin Ishikawa." I said quickly.

He grinned wickedly, his grip loosening. "Too bad you couldn't be more entertaining." The glint returned in his eyes.

My eyes widened He's gonna kill me.

~Hichigo's point of veiw~
She's so amusing I thought as I watched her. She was alittle taller than that Rukia chick, her long brown hair was slightly ruffled from our little fight, and her silver eyes were wide with fear.

I gripped her throat tighter as I pulled her closer, our lips barely brushing.
I felt her face heat up, I chuckled.

"What the h3ll are you doing?!" I could hear the fear and panic in her voice.

"Oh just relax." I grinned, wickedly as I smashed our lips together.

I almost laughed at how wide her eyes got, but got annoyed when she tried pulling her head away. So I tightened, my grip I smirked inside when she immedently stopped. I trailed my tongue over her bottom lip, then pulled away.

"Don't pretend you don't like it." I chuckled in her ear. her eyes narrowed "In your f*in dreams!" she spat. I chuckled Hopefully I'll see this one again

"Put her down!" I heard the fimiliar voice of my 'King' I looked over my shoulder. My twin's eyes were burning with anger and annoyance.

"Sure thing." I threw her so she landed at Ichigo's feet. She gripped her throat glaring at me with hatred but something else hide behind them. I grinned knowing what is was and watch as my King and Rin left.

I grinned one of my pychotic grins something tells me I'll be seeing her again...soon.


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