The snowy haired Captain (Toshiro one-shot)

The snowy haired Captain (Toshiro one-shot)

~This is for my sister Dreamclouder. Enjoy ^^~

Chapter 1

Can't catch me

by: Seeha
"Captain Hitsugaya!"


"For the last and final time it's Captain Hitsugaya!"

I gave him a teasing smirk "Ok ok how about Captain Midget." I laughed.

"You're only taller than me because of your boots!" He snapped, pointing a finger at my 2 inches boots. "Without them you're shorter." he said, crossing his arms.

I balled up my fists "Why you-."

"Would you two shut the h*ll up!" Renji yelled, from the couch, "All you've been doing this whole morning is arguing! It's giving me a headache," he rubbed his temples "If you guys want to settle this then take it outside."

I looked at Toshiro "Fine," I opened the door "Come on Captain Midget."

A thousand angry veins floated over his head as he glared at me "Wait til I get my hands on you." he cracked his knuckles.

I think I should run now I thought, as Toshiro was storming towards me, a glint in his turquoise eyes.

I bolted out the door. "Get back here!" I heard him yell as he ran after me.
Holy he's fast! I thought, panicing I could still hear him yelling as I ran faster.

I took a few turns before I saw my savior. A small cluster of pine trees stood behind a abandoned playground. If I can make it to those trees I'll be save I smirked he'll never catch me once I'm there.

I ran past the swings, and the monkey bars. Right as I got to the trees I stopped Why is it so quiet? I thought, looking around for the angry, yelling, snow haired midget.

"I guess I-." suddenly Toshiro appeared from behind a pine, then tackled my mid-section, sending both of us backwards. Me landing on my back with a loud thud, and Toshiro his arms still around my waist, his head almost in my chest, the rest of his body between my legs.

I blushed "You pervert! Get off!" I shoved his head away.

He sat up his cheeks turning a light shade of red. "I am not!"

"Are too your head was almost in my b00bs!" I retorted back.

"It was on accident!" his face turning a deeper red.

"That's what they all say!'

"Why you little!' He tackled me again.

"Get off!" I flipped him over and pinned his wrists down.

"Look who needs to get off now." he taunted.

I growled "Maybe I won't"

"Stop being so childish, now get off."

I gave him a stubborn look "No."

"I guess you're the pervert now." he taunted.

I'll show him pervert I thought giving him a evil look. "Oh I'll show you just how perverted I can be." I purred, his eyes widened. "E-excuss m-me?" he stuttered.

I grinned again "You heard me." I bent down and started kissing him, he opened his mouth but before he could say anything I shoved my tongue in his mouth.

Man...he tastes good! I felt his struggles slowly cease underneath me I think I love him I thought, as I pulled away looking into his eyes.

I got off him and held out my hand "Come on it's late."

He looked at me then took my hand still looking at me as I helped him up "Yeah it is." he said aloud as he squeezed my hand.

I squeezed back, smiling, still holding his hand as we started home.


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