My Hogwarts Life: Fred weasley and me - Prisoner of Azkaban

My Hogwarts Life: Fred weasley and me - Prisoner of Azkaban

Name: Madeline Black
Age: 14
Golden brown hair, Big blue eyes, funny,brave,loyal
A true gryffindor.
This is a story of a girl called Madeline Black, who starts Hogwarts in 3rd year. She falls in love with Fred Weasley as strange things happen in the wizarding world and she finds out many things about her self. Her story carries on untill the final battle. ( I will write a different story for each year :) )

Chapter 1


clank! post has come. Mother has been acting strange since last night and Father has been pacing alot and resurring her. My mothers a very beautiful women with long black curls, cherry lips, green eyes and snow skin, My Father was a tall skinny man who looked like he hadn't slept for days. He had a dark, stubbly beard which always makes him look serious and black eyes. I looked nor acted like any of them. I felt very different. " It might not come ", " It's 2 years late ", " Mine was 2 years late as well Daniel ". I want to know what they're going on about, but I leave them alone. Looking through the post was boring as usual. Bills, bills, oooo pizza hut voucher, school letter from my rubbish school, Eton, Father says it a very good school, Mother dosnt agree. I'm with her on that. Letter from Mother work, and.. a letter with my name on it. I hardley ever get letters. Its got fancy green ink on it. I turn it over a see a stamp with Hogwarts and it a shield. " Mother! " I shout, still looking at my odd letter. Mother and Father come and I show them the letter. " Give it here Madeline, it's just ju- " " Read it aloud " interrupted Mother, looking her usual glowing self again with a little smile. I opened the letter and read aloud the contents.
" Dear Miss Black,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardrey-" I paused, feeling excited and confused at the same time. Hogwarts?. " This was 2 years late due to a problem at the Ministry of Magic " I looked up. Mother is beaming and Father looks like he might explode. I continued reading " Start of term will be the 1st of September " That's less than a week away! " Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress ". I look up smiling with joy at this amazing letter. A school that teaches magic! Witchcraft and Wizardrey! Ministry of magic! Hogwarts! Mother says to me smiling " we better tell you ".

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