Slumber Party

Slumber Party

It'd Friday the 13th and 3 best friends are having a scary cool slumber party, until Alicia decides to play around with the TV, invite some guy friends over and play 7 minutes in heaven. But all goes horrible wrong when she chose to prank call a man. They figure out he knows exactly where they live, and he is definitely not happy about their prank. How far will one girl go to save the life of her best friends?

Chapter 2


Right before my knuckles made contact with Alicia's wooden door, she swung it open. I looked in and there she was, wearing orange jeans, a black tank top and had her glossy black hair curled. I smiled politely. She smiled back and pulled me in. I instantly noticed the scent of candy corn and chocolate. "I decided to put on a scary movie." I heard a soft voice behind me and flinched before I whipped my head around. Standing there, wearing grey shorts, a silk strapless black shirt and leather boots, Juliet looked stud (even though she had the personality of Taylor Swift. Alicia was more of the stud type.)
"Good idea. Which one?" I asked calmly.
"Prom Night." She replied smiling. Juliet loved movies. Alicia loves prom. I love scary things. It's a win win win! We all sat down and watched the flat screen until it faded to black. Alicia sighed loudly and reapplied her pink lip gloss. Juliet started to play with her short brunette hair. Juliet wasn't very smart...but she was okay looking. Alicia wasn't the nicest but she was very pretty. I'm not the most outgoing but I'm very beautiful. We are all opposites.
"I have an idea!" Alicia randomly burst out. I jumped.
"Really? What?" Juliet asked.
"Let's invite some boys." Alicia offered mischievously.
"Oh good idea!" Juliet yelled. Alicia smiled and grabbed the phone off the receiver. I heard the phone buttons click several times, and five minutes later Alicia was emerging from the kitchen walking nonchalantly. "Sooo who is coming?" Juliet questioned.
"Josh, Joe and David." She said back. I got why she invited Josh, because she liked him. She invited Joe because we were dating and and Juliet liked David. Sometimes I loved the way Alicia had guy connections.


30 minutes later Alicia's door bell rang and she leaped from her leather red chair and answered the door. The room was flooded with Josh, a blonde haired blue eyed baby-face guy. Joe, a dark haired green eyed beauty and David, a red haired blue eyed ugly. We all smiled nervously. We all sat down together, looking like couples, and just stared at the black screen. After about three minutes, I started to hear the noise of kissing. From the corner of my eye, I saw Josh and Alicia making out. Juliet looked at me with that This-is-very-awkward-look So i poked Alicia lightly until she pulled herself away from Josh. She groaned.
"Um...we are kinda bored..." I whispered.
"Okay I have an idea. How bout we all play seven minutes in heaven alone, in a room? Yeah okay David & Juliet get the living room, Me & Josh get my room and Joe & Belle get the closet. Okay have fun!" She rushed at the end and grabbed Joshes hand. They galloped to her room and loudly closed the door. I heard the lock giggle. Juliet and David slowly leaned in for a kiss, so me and Joe quickly got up and entered the walk in closet. Joe and I tried to get comfortable until felt his soft lips on mine. I kissed him back softly, and he did the same. Then it started to get more intense. He let his big hands rest on my small waist, and I heard him let a small moan escape his lips. I giggles. Then we both laughed before we continued where we left off. Then I moaned, and he took my cami off. His hands were cold on my warm skin, and they started to travel up my thigh.
Right before they found my lace underwear, I heard something that was abnormal. It sounded like a yell. I removed my lips from his, and listened harder. Then I heard it again, and it was a yell. Coming from Alicia. But then I heard something again. I slowly opened the door and peeked my head out. I swore that I heard a noise. My deep thoughts were intruded by a loud ring coming from a phone. I flinched, looked back at Joe (who nodded his head towards the phone) and ran to answer it. "Hello?" I answered. I pointed to my blue cami on the floor of the closet. He handed it to me and I pulled it over my head. I just realized I didn't hear an answer, all I heard was breathing. I was a little creeped out and hung the phone up. As soon as I did, Juliet ran into the room screaming
"What did he say?!" She screamed in horror. I looked at her like she was crazy.
"Huh?" I asked confused.
"Well me and David wanted to prank call we prank called some guy. And he threatened to murder us,. We thought he was joking, but he texted me three minutes after. I don't know how he got my number but he knows where we are and what we are doing." She gushed with a scared voice. I knew she was not joking. We were in trouble.

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