Slumber Party

Slumber Party

It'd Friday the 13th and 3 best friends are having a scary cool slumber party, until Alicia decides to play around with the TV, invite some guy friends over and play 7 minutes in heaven. But all goes horrible wrong when she chose to prank call a man. They figure out he knows exactly where they live, and he is definitely not happy about their prank. How far will one girl go to save the life of her best friends?

Chapter 1

8:00 Sharp

"So your gonna be there, right?" My best friend Alicia asked eagerly. I didn't have much of a choice. And whats the problem with going? Just because it's Friday the 13th, I shouldn't assume that there is going to be some teen slasher movie come to life. Even if there was, you'd want to be with your friends, right?
"Yep...what time?" I asked.
"8:00. Sharp!" She whispered. Since almost everyone in our grade knew where Alicia lived, she didn't want other people to hear about her sleepover; so nobody else tagged along.
"Okay I'll be there. Is Juliet invited too?" I asked, stabbing a chunk of pineapple with my fork. I thought I heard Alicia say something, but the cafeteria was far too loud to hear a word she said. "What!?" I yelled over the racket over a group of dumb teenage boys, who were immaturely laughing over how the new young female substitute decided to go bra-less today.
"Yes, Juliet is coming! Tell her the same thing about 8:00, Sharp!" She replied loudly. She got up from the table and left to go follow a crowd of tall and short kids exiting in a sea of students down the dimly lit hall. I guess I didn't hear the bell. I grabbed my textbook, threw away my fruit salad and sped down the hall to my next class.


7:15 my clock read. I have 45 minutes...well actually 30 minutes. It took 15 minutes to walk to Alicia's house. I decided to go more natural today so I blow-dried my pale soft blonde hair, and lightly spritz on some hairspray. It's natural hair color was in fact pale blonde. It looked almost like white, but still had the presence of blonde at the same time. Almost like an aurora of innocence (if innocence had a certain color). This made my sapphire blue eyes stand out beautifully. Everyone thought I dyed my hair and wore colored contacts, but I don't do either. I was born this way and it's 100% natural. What I didn't like being natural was however how pale my skin was. No freckles. Just a small beauty mark right above my lip. One girl says I look like a ghost...everyone else says I look like a angel.
I didn't realize that 20 minutes had already passed! I quickly found a light blue cami and pulled it on over my head. I grabbed a tan pair of cute shorts and white wedges (I was unfortunately very short, only about 5"0). I then sat down at my vanity and got to my makeup. I swiped on a light pink lip gloss, light blue eyeshadow an some concealer. The hairbrush was quickly pulled through my hair and my soft layers draped softly around my shoulders. I grabbed my phone and bolted out of my house.
Right before the slam of the door cut her off short, I heard my mother yell "Belle, remember to keep in-" I felt a little bit guilty, but she knew I would because I always do. I'm a good girl.

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