The stangest kind of strangers (superhero story)

This is a superhero kind of story. You'll figure it out as we go along. enjoy and please comment and rate

Chapter 1

The strangest kind of strangers

Scarlet was walking into the building she would now call home ~didnt look much like a home~ she thought to herself as the giant metal doors were pulled open. 'Ah Miss Carter who nice to see you, i had i feeling you wouldn't show up' a shrill voice filled Scarlet's ears and braced herself for conversation. 'Really, and what would make you think i could stay away from this beautiful place' she said with heaps of sarcasm to the tall blonde lady bustling around with forms. 'I'm Professor Linder', she put a hand out in the direction Scarlet needed to walk in. ~great, this gimps a Professor, god help us~ and she rolled her eyes.

'Here' Professor Linder pointed at a door, 'you'll be staying here with a lovely young man'.
'oh great' Scarlet replied with even more sarcasm, 'Just what i need. Company'
'You really are irritating me Miss Carter' the Prof. said and opened the door. lightly shoved Scarlet in and shut it behind her.

There was a boy staring out of a small window. 'Hey' Scarlet said, she didn't like new people but since she was going to be living with this one she thought she's make the effort. 'Hello, Scarlet' he said without turning around. 'Uh how did you know m-' she was cut off but him telling he to shh. ~rude~ scarlet thought and sat on one of the two beds in the small room. It looked and felt kind of like a prison cell just lighter.


2 hours had gone by and Scarlet was bored out of her mind. she didn't want to talk to the boy. He had shoulder length, wazy hair but she couldn't see his face. ~that dude is weird~.
'I'm not weird just shy' Scarlet jumped at the voice.
'but.. i..'
'im a telepath' he slowly turned around and Scarlet noticed his soft features. She smiled, realized she was then instantly stopped. 'Stay outta my head then' and she shot him a threatening glance.

'I'm Dylan in case you were wondering' she said slowly standing up, he didn't walk over but sat on the bed on the opposite side of the room. Then his face showed an expression of pure terror when he looked out the window. 'What's wrong' Scarlet asked 'you look like you've seen a ghost'

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