Bus Stop Heros

This is my story guys. Please read and comment. Haven't finished it yet ;)

Chapter 1


by: xAJojy98x
There were five people at the bus stop today. There were always five people waiting here for the same bus after school, I thought to myself. Everyday all five of us sat and stood in the same place. I looked at the boy with brown, straight hair who was standing outside the bus stop, leaning on a post. He went to my school. Different year though. I go to Margaret’s High School. The girl who sat next to me had a St Paul’s uniform on, a school down the road from mine. The other two boys had a St Pauls uniform on too. The girl was Asian and had really long, black hair. The two boys knew each other and they were chatting and laughing. One of them was black and he had black hair too. The other guy had blonde hair. Just another normal day, I said to myself. My life wasn’t really interesting. Everyday was the same for me. Wake up, fight with my sisters, have breakfast, get ready and then go to school for boring lessons and hanging out with my mates. Weekends were just a bit different because I went dance, town and stuff.
“Jess!” my mum would say, “Stop daydreaming. That’s what you do all day. No wonder your marks are dropping!”
“Jess, wake up and stop daydreaming,” my teachers would shout at me. I can’t help it. I have a lot to think about. I am 16. Sometimes, with my mum I guess I take it too far.
“You cannot tell me what to do because you are NOT my mum!” Yeah guess it was harsh but I can’t help it I just say it. I’m adopted. My mum gave me away when I was a baby. It was one of those closed adoptions where the person don’t want anything to do with the child afterwards, so when I tried to track my real parents down they wouldn’t give me any information. After a few months I realised that I don’t care who my real folks are. I loved these guys, my mum, dad, Sarah and Ruby. If my real mum couldn’t be bothered to have me around then it was her loss. At-least, that’s what I thought all this time. Five minutes later the 246 bus finally arrived and we got up. I guess I wasn’t really expecting what was gonna happen next...

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