♥The Strong and The Mighty. A Clato story.♥

First chapter and Intro
Violent [no really? Cato and Clove are violent? gasp xD

Chapter 1

Clove's Morning [after breakfast]

Clove's P.O.V.

After nine million years breakfast is over. I can bear one more second of my stupid brother talking about his stupid Peacekeeper training. So just to make my hell of a day ever better. He comes outside and sits by me. "Hey -Shut it i don't want to hear one more word out of your mouth." "Damn Clove what's going on with you lately?" he asks "YOU!" I scream. "What did-All you talk about is your damn peacekeeper job." I say it's true to it ALL he talks about. "I'm sick of it I know you all hate me but-Clove we don't-I WAS NOT DONE!" I scream and run of to the lake to be all alone.

I go hide in hole. No one will find me. And people avoid this part of the District. It's peacekeeper grounds. You have to be one of be related to one. I am but I came here before that just to be alone. I never go in trouble as my dad was/is one he is in D12 now. I kinda miss him. He was the one person one this Earth you has made me smile. Not smirk smile really truly smile. My mom,brother,and sister could careless about me.

I get out of the hole. Only to find who else but Kalest waiting for me. "I though me storming of was the clue I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!" I say i mean it to I only care about me dad the people who make me smile are who I care about so far that's my dad and who else no one? Yea no one. "Clove well I care what you say." "Sure you do not get out of my way before I end you." I stare at him then he moves. "Oh is the "Peacekeeper" scared of me now? Are you?" he shakes his head "I didn't hear you!" Then i get a devilish smirk on my face. And run to the training gym. The once place I'm never supposed to go.

But I go anyways. To get away from all of it. Get lost in my knifes.I fast-walk to the knife's. Since we can get banned for a week for running. Learned that the hard way. Oh well. "Great all my knife's are in order just the way I like them." I get the devilish smirk back on my face. They all know this is my area. They never go here. It's mine. Then someone comes in the door.He looks hot[Sweating hot.] and cocky. I still have not lost the smirk. He just makes it more devilish.

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