Captivation (A Larry Stylinson Love/Olympic Gold Tale)

PLEASE NOTE: One Direction is not gay (that I know of). I do not believe that Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Liam are secretly in complicated relationships behind the scenes. What I DO believe, is that the whole concept makes an interesting story, so that's why I'm writing it. Soo . . .
No hate please :)

Chapter 3

“How long has this team been together?” Paul asked, staring at each lad in turn.

“7 ye-”

“That was rhetorical question, Liam,” Paul cut off. Zayn chuckled and Liam shot him a look. “7 years, 4 strong young men, 1 gym, 1 amazing coach. What’s the one thing we’ve been missing?”

There was silence as the lads pondered this.

“Hot girls?” Liam offered.

“A million dollars?” Grinned Niall. Paul smacked his palm into his forehead.

“Another member,” Louis said thoughtfully, finally catching on. “You always compare us to the Fierce Five, but we’ve only got 4 lads.”

“We’re getting another gymnast?” Zayn and Niall asked in unison, gawking.

“But I didn’t know anyone was qualified!” Paul held up his hands and the boys instantly fell silent.

“He’s young, but immensely talented.” Shuffling some papers, he slipped out some sort of resume and checked it over. “He’s 16, almost 17, so he’s in Liam, Zayn, and Niall’s grade, and he’s transferring to your school as well.”

“When’s he-”

“He’s from Cheshire,” Paul said loudly, cutting off Louis’s question. “And lives with his Mum. Not much is said about her on here . . .”

“When is he-”

“I won’t tell you what he’ll look like, because I want you to be surprised.”

“When’s he ge-”

“And he’ll be getting here about 3 today.” Paul roared. Louis and Niall, who were closest, jumped back and stepped on Liam and Zayn’s toes. “Now get to work!”

The boys scurried off to await the mysterious boys arrival. Chalk flew, mats were pounded, and toes were pointed as London’s brightest team tried their hardest to appear busy while they kept their eyes locked on the clock. The bright numbers ticked slowly to 3, but Mystery Boy hadn’t arrived.

Then, at 3:13 exactly, the gym door swung open.

This one's a little boring, just wanted to set it up for You-Know-Who's arrival. QUESTION TIME! First off, how do you like the story so far?? And two, what do you think the boy's reactions are going to be? I'd love to hear your guesses! :) Kitty xx

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