Captivation (A Larry Stylinson Love/Olympic Gold Tale)

PLEASE NOTE: One Direction is not gay (that I know of). I do not believe that Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Liam are secretly in complicated relationships behind the scenes. What I DO believe, is that the whole concept makes an interesting story, so that's why I'm writing it. Soo . . .
No hate please :)

Chapter 17

The funeral was held on a Tuesday. 6 people attended, including the gymnastic team and their manager. The priest who volunteered to bless the gravesite did not show up. It started to rain, but no one had brought umbrellas.

“Come on Harry,” Niall said softly, with his usual tact and grace. “We’re going to get colds.”

Harry said nothing, but that was nothing new. Finally, Zayn, Niall and Paul went and sat in the car, feeling guilty but not wanting to get sick with the Olympic trials so close. Lou and Liam remained by Harry’s side as he stood in the rain, staring blankly at the newly turned ground. His mother—who cared for, even through all she had put him through—and his sister. Darcy. The only person in the world who had understood him.

He didn’t cry. He couldn’t. Finally, after ten minutes, Harry’s nose was running, and his thin frame was shaking in the biting wind.

“Let’s go.” It wasn’t a question, and Lou followed it with a firm grip on Harry’s trembling shoulder, turning him back to the running car. He got in without a noise.


Lou told Paul to drop Harry off at his house, and, though he shot Harry a look, Liam didn’t object as the two got out of the car. He knew his place.

“Mummy?” Louis called out as he towed Harry inside. “Hmm. Guess she’s gone out,” he smiled as his echo was the only reply he received. Nothing could goad a sound out of Harry, who was miles away in his thoughts, still reading his precious sister’s name off of her tombstone. Rather than try and make him talk, Lou just stepped to Harry and folded his arms around him. Needing comfort and warmth, Harry dropped his face into Lou’s shoulder and screwed his eyes shut.

They stood like that–locked in embrace¬–for an eternity. Finally, fidgeting Louis had to snap the silence.

“Do you like peaches?” Harry was so surprised a little barking laugh slipped out from his bow shaped lips, and he pulled back to look at Lou, confused. Then, realizing his friend was serious, he nodded.

Lou pulled a can of peaches out of the pantry and dumped the glistening slices into a bowl. He then dug around in a drawer and produced two plastic sporks; calmly handing one to Harry.

Each boy stood on one side of the island in the dark kitchen, sucking peaches in silence. Louis wanted to kiss Harry so badly that it ached, but he knew that Harry would probably push him away. So he waited.

Zayn’s P.O.V.

“My apartment really is lonely,” Perrie Edwards sighed into her phone, and Zayn shuffled nervously on the other end.

“Well, honey, the thing is that . . . I’m going into Niall’s.” Dead silence greeted him. “Perrie?”

“Your ditching your girlfriend to hang out with your oafish teammate?”

“Don’t call him that,” Zayn replied automatically, having to stick up for Niall. That just infuriated Perrie even more.

“Well then why don’t you take your little gay ass over to Niall’s bed and sleep with him? Oh wait, you already were.”

The line dropped. Fighting tears, Zayn slowly packed an overnight bag and climbed into his car. For once in his life, he planned on staying ’til morning.

Niall opened the door, took in Zayn’s bag, and his blue eyes shot wide open.

“Zayn? What’s with the bag?” He asked innocently, hoping but not daring to hope.

“I . . . I was hoping I could spend the night?” A huge grin creased Niall’s face, and he opened the door wider.

“Of course. I just made popcorn!”

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