Help please.

sorry if i'm clogging up your inbox, but its somewhat important.

Chapter 1

Need help!

Okay so I finally have an idea for a story, but I want to make sure if you guys would read it and need some help with a name for it. Its a fantasy adventure type story.

This is my idea:
Kari Stone was orphaned when she was just a baby. She was taken in by Aurora Sills a half wizard, half elf warrior. Aurora trained Kari to become an excellent fighter. Years later when Kari is 15, Alzure(the realm they live in)is falling apart by the war against the Zords( 9 foot creatures with sharp teeth and rough scale purple skin). Kari must help her master Aurora fight them while journeying to far places to find clues of what happen to her parents. Meeting friends along the way,making enemies with the evil Queen Silver, and coping with her powers she swore never to use again. This will be an adventure Kari will never forget.

So tell me what you think about it. Should make this story or just forget about it? You deiced. And help me think of a good title for it.

~Thank you for your time. :)


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